Textbook of Cancer Epidemiology (3rd edition)

ISBN : 9780190676827

Hans-Olov Adami; David J. Hunter; Pagona Lagiou; Lorelei Mucci
736 ページ
178 x 254 mm

Comprehensive and comprehensible, but also encouraging -- informed by the hope and belief that informed its creation. -Cancer Amid sweeping advances in the science and treatment of cancer, the TEXTBOOK OF CANCER EPIDEMIOLOGY offers students and professionals a definitive, systematic resource for understanding the factors affecting all types of human cancer. This fully updated new edition offers an overview of epidemiology's key concepts and methods as they relate to cancer (including the emerging potential of biomarkers) as well as site-specific chapters on individual cancers' natural history, pathology, descriptive epidemiology, and etiology. Taken together, these chapters forge connections between established science and the ongoing evolution of this dynamic field. Crisply and concisely written by an assembly of internationally recognized researchers, the TEXTBOOK OF CANCER EPIDEMIOLOGY offers a superlative introduction to the subject's consensuses and controversies for those embarking on their careers and a ready reference for seasoned professionals.


Dedication; Preface to the Third Edition; Preface to the Second Edition; Preface to the First Edition; About the Editors; Contributors; Part I; 1. Accomplishments in Cancer Epidemiology; Brian MacMahon; 2. Measures and estimates of cancer burden; Paolo Boffetta, Dana Hashim, and Pagona Lagiou; 3. The Origins of Cancer; Jeffrey Ecsedy and David J. Hunter; 4. Genetic Epidemiology of Cancer; Christopher Haiman and David J. Hunter; 5. Biomarkers in Cancer Epidemiology; Paolo Boffetta and Lorelei Mucci; 6. Concepts in Cancer Epidemiology and Etiology; Pagona Lagiou, Dimitrios Trichopoulos, and Lorelei Mucci; Part II; 7. Oral and Pharyngeal Cancer; Jennifer Rider, Paul Brennan, and Pagona Lagiou; 8. Nasopharyngeal carcinoma; Ellen T. Chang and Hans-Olov Adami; 9. Esophageal Cancer; Christian C. Abnet, Olof Nyren, and Hans-Olov Adami; 10. Stomach Cancer; Wemin Ye, Olof Nyren, and Hans-Olov Adami; 11. Colorectal Cancer; Nana Keum, Kana Wu, Edward Giovannucci, and David J. Hunter; 12. Cancer of the Liver and Biliary Tract; Christina Bamia, Sherri Stuver, and Lorelei Mucci; 13. Pancreatic Cancer; Vassiliki Benetou, Anders Ekbom, and Lorelei Mucci; 14. Cancer of the Lung, Larynx, and Pleura; Jyoti Malhotra, Paolo Boffetta, and Lorelei Mucci; 15. Skin Cancer; Adele Green, Catherine Olsen, and David J. Hunter; 16. Breast Cancer; Rulla Tamimi, Susan Hankinson, and Pagona Lagiou; 17. Cervical Cancer; Karin Sundstrom, Joakim Dillner, and Hans-Olov Adami; 18. Endometrial Cancer; Marta Crous-Bou, Immaculata De Vivo, and Pagona Lagiou; 19. Ovarian Cancer; Penelope Webb, Susan Jordan, and David J. Hunter; 20. Prostate Cancer; Kathryn M. Wilson and Lorelei Mucci; 21. Testicular Cancer; Lorenzo Richiardi, Giovenale Moirano, and Pagona Lagiou; 22. Urinary Bladder Cancer; Jonine Figueroa, Montserrat Garcia-Closas, Manolis Kogevinas, and Lorelei Mucci; 23. Kidney Cancer; Xuehong Zhang, Eunyoung Cho, and Hans-Olov Adami; 24. Brain Cancer; Dominique Michaud, David Savitz, and Lorelei Mucci; 25. Thyroid Cancer; Carlo La Vecchia, Cristina Bosetti,and Hans-Olov Adami; 26. Hodgkin Lymphoma; Henrik Hjalgrim, Mads Melbye, and Pagona Lagiou; 27. Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma; Karin Ekstrom Smedby, Mads Melbye, and Hans-Olov Adami; 28. Leukemias; Eve Roman, Alexandra Smith, and Lorelei Mucci; Epilogue; Index


Hans-Olov Adami, MD, Professor of Cancer Epidemiology and former Chairman of the Department of Medical Epidemiology and Biostatistics at Karolinska Institutet and Professor of Epidemiology and former Chairman of the Department of Epidemiology at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. He is currently Professor at the University of Oslo's Clinical Effectiveness Research Group.; David J. Hunter, MBBS, is the Richard Doll Professor of Epidemiology and Medicine at the University of Oxford and the Vincent L. Gregory Professor of Cancer Prevention Emeritus at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.; Pagona Lagiou, MD, is Professor of Hygiene and Epidemiology at the School of Medicine of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece and Adjunct Professor of Epidemiology at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Boston, US.; Lorelei Mucci, ScD, is Associate Professor of Cancer Epidemiology in the Department of Epidemiology at the T.H. Chan School of Public Health and Leader of Cancer Epidemiology, Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Center.