Handbook of Language and Ethnic Identity: The Success-Failure Continuum in Language and Ethnic Identity Efforts: v. 2

ISBN : 9780195392456

Joshua A. Fishman; Ofelia Garcia
512 ページ
162 x 239 mm

Like the first volume, The Handbook of Language and Ethnic Identity, Volume 2 is a reference work on the interconnection between language and ethnic identity. In this volume, 37 new essays provide a systematic look at different language and ethnic identity efforts, assess their relative successes and failures, and place the cases on a success-failure continuum. The reasons for these failures and successes and the linguistic, social, and political contexts involved are subtle and highly complex. Some of these factors have to do with whether the language is considered a dialect, as in the cases of Bavarian, Ebonics, and Scots (considered to be dialects of German, American English, and British English, respectively). Other factors have to do with government policy, as in the cases of Basque and Navajo. Still other factors are historical, such as the way Canaanite was supplanted in present-day Israel by another classical language-Hebrew. Although the volume offers considerable sophistication in the treatment of language, ethnicity and identity, it has been written for the non-specialized reader, whether student or layperson. The contributors are an international group of well-known scholars in a range of fields. Fishman and Garcia provide a detailed introduction that addresses the difficulty of assessing the success or failure of a language. They also present a conclusion that integrates the data presented in the volume.


1. Examining Contrarianism: The Success-Failure Continuum in Language and Ethnic-Identity Efforts
2. Afrikaans: Success or Failure?
3. Invention of Scripts in West Africa for Ethnic Revitalization
4. The Teaching of Amazigh (Berber) in Morocco
5. The Promotion of Moroccan Arabic: Successes and Failures
6. The Survival of French in Tunisian Identity
7. Hebrew Revivalists' Goals vis a vis the Emerging Israeli Language
8. African American language in U.S. Education and Society: A Story of Success and Failure
9. Learning English in Puerto Rico: An Approach-Avoidance Conflict?
10. The Reforming of English Spelling
11. Quechua Language Policy and Planning in Peru
12. Paradoxes of Quechua Language Revitalization in Bolivia: Back and forth Along the Success-Failure Continuum
13. North Korea's Language Revision and Some Unforeseen Consequences
14. Simplifying Chinese Characters: Not a Simple Matter
15. Problems of Orthography Development for the Yi in China
16. Planning for Failure: English and Language Policy and Planning in Bangladesh
17. The Emergence, Role, and Future of the Malay in Singapore


Joshua Fishamn is Distinguished University Research Professor of Social Sciences, Emeritus at Yeshiva University. Ofelia Garcia is Professor of Urban Education and Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Literatures and Languages at the Graduate Center, The City University of New York.