The Oxford History of Anglicanism, Volume V: Global Anglicanism, c. 1910-2000

ISBN : 9780199643011

William L. Sachs
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The Oxford History of Anglicanism provides a global study of Anglicanism from the sixteenth century to the twenty-first. The five volumes in the series look at how Anglican identity was constructed and contested since the English Reformation of the sixteenth century, and examine its historical influence during the past six centuries. They consider not only the ecclesiastical and theological aspects of global Anglicanism, but also the political, social, economic, and cultural influences of this form of Christianity that has been historically significant in Western culture, and a burgeoning force in non-Western societies since the nineteenth century. Written by international experts in their various historical fields, each volumes analyses the varieties of Anglicanism that have emerged. The series also highlights the formal, political, institutional, and ecclesiastical forces that have shaped a global Anglicanism; and the interaction of Anglicanism with informal and external influences which have both moulded Anglicanism and been fashioned by it. Volume five of The Oxford History of Anglicanism considers the global experience of the Church of England in mission and in the transitions of its mission Churches toward autonomy in the twentieth century. The Church developed institutionally, yet more than the institutional history of the Church of England and its spheres of influence is probed. The contributors focus on what it has meant to be Anglican in diverse contexts. What spread from England was not simply a religious institution but the religious tradition it intended to implant. The volume addresses questions of the conduct of mission, its intended and unintended consequences. It offers important insights on what decolonization meant for Anglicans as the mission Church in various global locations became self-reliant. This study breaks new ground in describing the emergence of an Anglicanism shaped more contextually than externally. It illustrates how Anglicanism became enculturated across a broad swath of cultural contexts. The influence of context, and the challenge of adaptation to it, framed Anglicanism's twentieth-century experience.


List of Contributors
William L. Sachs: Introduction: A Century of Anglican Transition

Part I The Growth of Global Anglicanism
1 Jeffrey Cox: The Dialectics of Empire, Race, and Diocese
2 Michael Gladwin: Anglicanism in Oceania since 1914
3 Paul Hedges: Anglican Interfaith Relations from 1910 to the Twenty-First Century
4 John L. Kater: Latin American Anglicanism in the Twentieth Century
5 Femi James Kolapo: Anglicanism in West Africa
6 Philip L. Wickeri: The Vicissitudes of Anglicanism in China, 1912 - Present

Part II Building the Church Culturally
7 John Karanja: The Cultural Origins of the Anglican Church in Kenya
8 Grant LeMarquand: Anglicans in the Horn of Africa: From Missionaries and Chaplains to a Missionary Church
9 Derek R. Peterson: The East African Revival
10 Elizabeth E. Prevost: Anglican Mission in Twentieth-Century Africa
11 Louis Weil: Anglican Liturgical Developments in New Contexts: the Challenges of Inculturation
12 Jesse Zink: An Exilic Church: The Episcopal Church of South Sudan and Sudan, 1899-2014

Part III Contextual and Religious Challenges
13 Peter Eaton: Relations between the Churches of the Anglican Communion and the Churches of Eastern Christianity
14 Robert S. Heaney: Anglicanism in Southern Africa during the Twentieth Century
15 Richard J. Jones: Anglican Schools in Muslim-Majority Societies, 1910-2010
16 Catriona Laing: Anglican Mission amongst Muslims: 1900-1940
17 Titus Presler: Witness, Advocacy, and Union: Anglicanism's Twentieth-Century Contribution to Minority Christianity in South Asia
18 John Y. H. Yieh: Anglican Social Ministries in East Asia


William L. Sachs is a teacher, writer, and Episcopal priest who has served churches and taught in seminaries and colleges in Virginia, Connecticut, and Chicago. His publications include The Transformation of Anglicanism (1993) and Homosexuality and the Crisis of Anglicanism (2009).