Ancient Prophecy: Near Eastern, Biblical, and Greek Perspectives

ISBN : 9780198808558

Martti Nissinen
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Ancient Prophecy: Near Eastern, Biblical, and Greek Perspectives is the first monograph-length comparative study on prophetic divination in ancient Near Eastern, biblical, and Greek sources. Prophecy is one of the ways humans have believed to become conversant with what is believed to be superhuman knowledge. The prophetic process of communication involves the prophet, her/his audience, and the deity from whom the message allegedly comes from. Martti Nissinen introduces a wealth of ancient sources documenting the prophetic phenomenon around the ancient Eastern Mediterranean, whether cuneiform tablets from Mesopotamia, the Hebrew Bible, Greek inscriptions, or ancient historians. Nissinen provides an up-to-date presentation of textual sources, the number of which has increased substantially in recent times. In addition, the study includes four analytical comparative chapters. The first demonstrates the altered state of consciousness to be one of the central characteristics of the prophets' public behavior. The second discusses the prophets' affiliation with temples, which are the typical venues of the prophetic performance. The third delves into the relationship between prophets and kings, which can be both critical and supportive. The fourth shows gender-inclusiveness to be one of the peculiar features of the prophetic agency, which could be executed by women, men, and genderless persons as well. The ways prophetic divination manifests itself in ancient sources depend not only on the socio-religious position of the prophets in a given society, but also on the genre and purpose of the sources. Nissinen contends that, even though the view of the ancient prophetic landscape is restricted by the fragmentary and secondary nature of the sources, it is possible to reconstruct essential features of prophetic divination at the socio-religious roots of the Western civilization.


Part I: Theory
1 Constructing Prophetic Divination

Part II: Sources
2 Ancient Near Eastern Sources
3 Greek Sources
4 Hebrew Bible

Part III: Comparative Essays
5 Prophecy and Ecstasy
6 Prophets and Temples
7 Prophets and Kings
8 Prophets and Gender
9 Keyholes for Comparative Reconstruction

Appendix 1: Gender of Prophets and Deities in Ancient Near Eastern Sources
Appendix 2: Catalogue of Ancient Near Eastern Documents of Prophecy


Martti Nissinen is Professor of Old Testament studies at the University of Helsinki. He is also the leader of the Academy of Finland Centre of Excellence Changes in Sacred Texts and Traditions. Nissinen is an expert of the prophetic phenomenon in the ancient Eastern Mediterranean, and his research interests include also gender issues (love poetry, homoeroticism, masculinity) in the Ancient Eastern Mediterranean. His publications include Prophets and Prophecy in the Ancient Near East (Brill, 2003) and Homoeroticism in the Biblical World: A Historical Perspective (Augsburg Fortress (1998).