Advance Care Planning in End of Life Care (2nd edition)

ISBN : 9780198802136

Keri Thomas ; Ben Lobo ; Karen Detering
336 ページ
171 x 246 mm

Advance Care Planning (ACP) is an essential part of end of life care in the UK and most developed countries. It enables more people to live well and die as they would choose, and has significant implications for the individual person, their family and carers, and our wider society. In the context of an ageing population and increasing possibilities for medical interventions, ACP is a particularly important aspect of quality care.

Expanded and fully updated throughout, this new edition gives a comprehensive overview of ACP and explores a wide range of issues and practicalities in providing end of life care. Written by experts from around the world, the book takes a comprehensive look at the subject by exploring the wide range of issues and practicalities in providing ACP; framing the purpose, process, and outcomes of these plans; and providing an important update on national and international research, policy and practice. Chapters also discuss values, goals and priorities, and include detailed case examples to aid best practice.

This book is an invaluable resource for all clinicians involved in the caring for people in their final stages of life. It is of particular value to GPs, palliative care specialists, geriatricians, social care teams, researchers and policy leads interested in improving end of life care.


Section 1: Introduction to Advance Care Planning
1 Keri Thomas: Overview and introduction to Advance Care Planning
2 Sarah Russell and Karen Detering: What are the benefits of Advance Care Planning and how do we know?
3 Anjali Mullick and Jonathan Martin: An introduction to Advance Care Planning: Practice at the frontline
4 Josie Dixon: Person-centred care: How does Advance Care Planning support this and what are the economic benefits?
5 Martin J. Vernon: Advance Care Planning and caring for an ageing population
6 Max Watson and Mark Thomas: Spiritual and ethical and aspects of Advance Care Planning
7 Tony Bonser: Advance Care Planning: A personal view and stories from the frontline

Section 2: Context and experience of Advance Care Planning in the UK
8 Claire Henry and Keri Thomas: Advance Care Planning in the UK: Update on policy and practice
9 Ben Lobo: 1. Advance Decisions to Refuse Treatment (ADRT) and the impact of wider legislation
10 David Pitcher: Discussions and decisions about cardiopulmonary resuscitation
11 Simon Chapman: 1. The implications of the Mental Capacity Act (MCA) 2005 for Advance Care Planning and decision making
12 Maggie Stobart-Rowlands and Mandy Thorn: Experience of use of Advance Care Planning in care homes
13 Pete Nightingale, Chris Absolon, and Scott Murray: Advance Care Planning in the community
14 Sarah Russell and Simon Noble: Advance Care Planning in hospices and palliative care
15 Clare Marlow, Karen Groves, and Premila Fade: Advance Care Planning in hospitals
16 Angela Thompson: 1. Advance Care Planning: Thinking ahead for parents, carers, children, and young people
17 Karen Harrison Denning: Advance Care Planning and people with dementia

Section 3: Experience of Advance Care Planning Internationally
18 Karen Detering and Josephine Clayton: Advance Care Planning in Australia
19 Doris Barwich, John You, Jessica Simon, Louise Hanvey, and Cari Hoffman: Advance Care Planning in Canada
20 Maria J. Silveira and Phillip Rodgers: Advance directives and Advance Care Planning: the US experience
21 Leigh Mason and Shona Muir: Advance Care Planning in New Zealand: Our Voice
22 Georg Marckmann, Kornelia Gotze, and Jurgen in der Schmitten: Advance Care Planning in Germany1. : On track to nationwide implementation
23 Irwin Clement Alphonsus Wai Hoong Chung: Advance Care Planning in an Asian Country
Section 4: Practicalities and areas of common ground
24 Sarah Russell: Communication skills and Advance Care Planning
25 Karen Detering, Elizabeth Sutton, and Scott Fraser: 1. Advance Care Planning in chronic disease: Finding the known in the midst of the unknown
26 Nigel Mathers and Craig Sinclair: Planning ahead in all areas
27 Muir Gray, Rammya Matthews, and Keri Thomas: A population-based approach to end of life care and Advance Care Planning

1 Keri Thomas, Ben Lobo, and Karen Detering: Useful websites and resources


Keri Thomas is Founder and National Clinical Lead for the Gold Standards Framework Centre in End of Life Care in Shrewsbury, and Honorary Professor in End of Life Care at the University of Birmingham, UK ; Ben Lobo is Consultant Physician and Geriatrician at the Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Nottinghamshire, and former National Clinical Lead for Advance Decisions to Refuse Treatment, UK ; Karen Detering is Respiratory Physician for the Respecting Patient Choices Program at Austin Hospital Melbourne in Australia