Idealism: New Essays in Metaphysics

ISBN : 9780198746973

Tyron Goldschmidt ; Kenneth L. Pearce
336 ページ
156 x 234 mm

Idealism is a family of metaphysical views each of which gives priority to the mental. The best-known forms of idealism in Western philosophy are Berkeleyan idealism, which gives ontological priority to the mental (minds and ideas) over the physical (bodies), and Kantian idealism, which gives a kind of explanatory priority to the mental (the structure of the understanding) over the physical (the structure of the empirical world).

Although idealism was once a dominant view in Western philosophy, it has suffered almost total neglect over the last several decades. This book rectifies this situation by bringing together seventeen essays by leading philosophers on the topic of metaphysical idealism. The various essays explain, attack, or defend a variety of idealistic theories, including not only Berkeleian and Kantian idealisms but also those developed in traditions less familiar to analytic philosophers, including Buddhism and Hassidic Judaism. Although a number of the articles draw on historical sources, all will be of interest to philosophers working in contemporary metaphysics. This volume aims to spark a revival of serious philosophical interest in metaphysical idealism.


Tyron Goldschmidt and Kenneth Pearce: Introduction
1 Todd Buras and Trent Dougherty: Parrying Parity: A Reply to a Reidian Critique of Idealism
2 Robert Smithson: A New Epistemic Argument for Idealism
3 Aaron Segal and Tyron Goldschmidt: The Necessity of Idealism
4 Graham Oppy: Against Idealism
5 Helen Yetter Chappell: Idealism Without God
6 Nicholas Stang: Transcendental Idealism Without Tears
7 Arif Ahmed: Signaling Systems and the Transcendental Deduction
8 Thomas Hofweber: Conceptual Idealism Without Ontological Idealism: Why Idealism Is True After All
9 Kris McDaniel: The Idealism of Mary Whiton Calkins
10 Sam Lebens: Hassidic Idealism: Kurt Vonnegut and the Creator of the Universe
11 Bronwyn Finnigan: Buddhist Idealism
12 Kenneth Pearce: Mereological Idealism
13 Sara Bernstein: Causal Idealism
14 Daniel Greco: Explanation, Idealism, and Design
15 Jacob Ross: Idealism and Fine-Tuning
16 Marc Lange: Idealism and Incommensurability
17 Susan Schneider: Idealism, or Something Near Enough


Tyron Goldschmidt is a visiting assistant professor in philosophy at Wake Forest University. He has journal publications in metaphysics, philosophy of religion and the history of philosophy. He co-authored Berkeley's Principles: Expanded and Explained (Routledge, 2016) and edited The Puzzle of Existence: Why Is There Something Rather Than Nothing? (Routledge, 2013).; Kenneth Pearce is Ussher Assistant Professor in Berkeley Studies (Early Modern Philosophy) at Trinity College Dublin. He has journal publications in early modern philosophy, metaphysics and philosophy of religion. He is the author of Language and the Structure of Berkeley's World (OUP, 2017).