The Chemistry of Wine: From Blossom to Beverage and Beyond

ISBN : 9780190687199

David R. Dalton
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Poets extol the burst of aroma when the bottle is opened, the wine poured, the flavor on the palate as it combines with the olfactory expression detected and the resulting glow realized. But what is the chemistry behind it? What are the compounds involved and how do they work their wonder? What do we know? Distinct and measurable differences in terroir, coupled with the plasticity of the grape berry genome and the metabolic products, as well as the work of the vintner, are critical to the production of the symphony of flavors found in the final bottled product. Analytical chemistry can inform us about the chemical differences and similarities in the grape berry constituents with which we start and what is happening to those and other constituents as the grape matures. The details of the grape and its treatment produce substantive detectable differences in each wine. While there are clear generalities - all wine is mostly water, ethanol is usually between 10% - 20% of the volume, etc - it is the details, shown to us by Analytical Chemistry and structural analysis accompanying it, that clearly allow one wine to be distinguished from another.


Author's Note

Section I
Chapter 1 General Comments
Chapter 2 Grapevine from Seed
Chapter 3 Grapevine from Grafting
Chapter 4 Grapevine from Hardwood Cuttings
Chapter 5 Growing the Grapes: The Soil
Chapter 6 Growing the Grapes: The Roots

Section II
Chapter 7 Cells, Roots, Shoots and Leaves
Chapter 8 The Leaf
Chapter 9 The Light on the Leaves
Chapter 10 Harvesting the Ligher
Chapter 11 Working in the Dark
Chapter 12 Buds to Flowers

Section III
Chapter 13 The Grape Berry at Fruit Set

Section IV
Chapter 14 A Selection of Grapes

Section V
Chapter 14 From the Grape to the Wine
Chapter 15 More than Skin Deep
Chapter 17 Adding Sulfur Dioxide
Chapter 18 Yeasts
Chapter 19 Finishing the Wine
Chapter 20 Sealing the Bottles

Section VI
Chapter 21 Specialized Wines

Section VII
Chapter 22 Drinking the Wine


Appendix 1 A Chemistry Primer
Appendix 2 Biosynthetic Pathways
Appendix 3 Esters
Appendix 4 Anthocyanidins
Appendix 5 Impact Odorants


David R. Dalton is Professor of Chemistry at Temple University and the recipient of numerous teaching awards. In 2005, students voted him the Honors Professor of the Year.