Occupational and Environmental Health (7th edition)

ISBN : 9780190662677

Barry S. Levy ; David H. Wegman ; Sherry L. Baron ); Rosemary K. Sokas
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"This splendid book [...]is authoritative, well written, and ably edited." - Occupational & Environmental Medicine

"The book provides a logical, structured exposition of a diverse multidisciplinary specialty, employing a language and format designed to educate the novice student and seasoned practitioner alike - a vital contribution to the field." - New England Journal of Medicine

Occupational and environmental contributions to the occurrence of disease and injury represent a core component of public health and health care. Factors in the workplace and the ambient environment have significant impacts on individual and community health.
Occupational and Environmental Health is a comprehensive, practical textbook for understanding how work and environment influence individual and population health. Comprising 40 chapters written by national and international experts, this book combines theory and practical insights to help readers effectively recognize and prevent occupational and environmental disease and injury.


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Section I Introduction
1. Occupational and Environmental Health: Challenges and Opportunities
Barry S. Levy, David H. Wegman, Sherry L. Baron, and Rosemary K. Sokas
2. Occupational and Environmental Health Equity and Social Justice
Cora Roelofs, Sherry L. Baron, Sacoby Wilson, and Aaron Aber
3. The Roles of Government in Protecting and Promoting Occupational and Environmental Health
Gregory R. Wagner and Emily A. Spieler

Section II Recognition, Assessment, and Prevention
4. Recognizing and Preventing Occupational and Environmental Disease and Injury
Rosemary K. Sokas, Barry S. Levy, David H. Wegman, and Sherry L. Baron
5. Epidemiology
Sadie Costello, Jennifer M. Cavallari, David H. Wegman, Marie S. O'Neill, and Ellen A. Eisen
6. Occupational and Environmental Health Surveillance
Letitia Davis and Kerry Souza
7. Toxicology
Robert Laumbach and Michael Gochfeld
8. Occupational and Environmental Hygiene
John D. Meeker
9. Occupational Ergonomics: Promoting Safety and Health through Work Design
W. Monroe Keyserling
10. Clinical Occupational and Environmental Health Practice
Bonnie Rogers

Section III Hazardous Exposures
11. Chemical Hazards
Michael Gochfeld and Robert Laumbach
12A. Noise Exposure and Hearing Disorders
David C. Byrne and Thais C. Morata
12B. Vibration
Peter Johnson and Martin Cherniack
12C. Extremes of Temperature
Ann M. Krake
12D. Ionizing and Nonionizing Radiation
John Cardarelli II
13. Biological Hazards
Mark Russi
14. Occupational Stress
Paul A. Landsbergis, Marnie Dobson, Anthony D. LaMontagne, BongKyoo Choi, Peter Schnall, and Dean B. Baker
15. Air Pollution
Horacio Riojas-Rodriguez, Isabelle Romieu, and Mauricio Hernandez-Avila
16. Water Contamination and Wastewater Treatment
Jeffery A. Foran and Amaryl Griggs
17. Food Safety
Craig W. Hedberg
18. Hazardous Waste
Ken Silver, Gary A. Davis, and Denny Dobbin

Section IV Adverse Health Effects
19. Injuries and Occupational Safety
Dawn N. Castillo, Timothy J. Pizatella, and Nancy A. Stout
20. Musculoskeletal Disorders
Carisa Harris-Adamson, Stephen S. Bao, and Bradley Evanoff
21. Cancer
Elizabeth Ward
22. Respiratory Disorders
Crystal M. North and David C. Christiani
23. Neurological Disorders
Margit L. Bleecker
24. Reproductive and Developmental Disorders
Linda M. Frazier and Deborah Barkin Fromer
25. Skin Disorders
Loren C. Tapp and Boris D. Lushniak
26. Cardiovascular Disorders
Kenneth D. Rosenman
27. Liver Disorders
Barry S. Levy
28. Kidney Disorders
Virginia Weaver, Bernard Jaar, and Jeffrey Fadrowski

Section V: An Integrated Approach to Prevention
29. Climate Change
Barry S. Levy and Jonathan A. Patz
30. Children's Environmental Health
Philip J. Landrigan
31. Protecting Disaster Rescue and Recovery Workers
Dori B. Reissman, Maryann M. D'Alessandro, Lisa Delaney, and John Piacentino
32A. Hazards for Agricultural Workers
Amy K. Liebman and John May
32B. Hazards for Construction Workers
Gavin H. West and Laura S. Welch
32C. Hazards for Healthcare Workers
Jane A. Lipscomb
33. Conducting Worksite Investigations
Bruce Bernard
34. Addressing the Built Environment and Health
Richard J. Jackson
35. A Global Perspective on Occupational Health and Safety
Jorma H. Rantanen

Appendix: Illustrative Nongovernmental Organizations $ Occupational medicine
Public health & preventive medicine
Epidemiology & medical statistics


Barry S. Levy, MD, MPH, is Adjunct Professor of Public Health, Tufts University School of Medicine and a Past President of the American Public Health Association.; David H. Wegman, MD, MSc, is Professor Emeritus, Department of Work Environment, University of Massachusetts Lowell, and Adjunct Professor, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.; Sherry L. Baron, MD, MPH, is Professor of Occupational and Environmental Health, Barry Commoner Center for Health and the Environment and the Department of Urban Studies, Queens College of the City University of New York (CUNY), who formerly served with the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.; Rosemary K. Sokas, MD, MOH, is Professor and Chair, Department of Human Science, School of Nursing and Health Studies, Georgetown University, who formerly served with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.