Music, Song, Dance, Theater: Broadway meets Social Justice Youth Community Practice

ISBN : 9780190642167

Melvin Delgado , Boston University School of Social Work)
328 ページ
156 x 235 mm

The performing arts is one particular area of youth community practice can that can be effectively tapped to attract youth within schools and out-of-school settings, or what has been referred to as the "third area between school and family." These settings are non-stigmatizing, highly attractive community-based venues that serve youth and their respective communities. They can supplement or enhance formal education, providing a counter-narrative for youth to resist the labels placed on them by serving as a vehicle for reactivity and self-expression. Furthermore, the performing arts are a mechanism through which creative expression can transpire while concomitantly engaging youth in creative expression that is transformative at the individual and community level.

Music, Song, Dance, Theater, and Social Work explores the innovative programs and interventions in youth community practice that draw on the performing arts as a way to reach and engage the target populations. The book draws from the rich literature bases in community development and positive youth development, as well as from performing arts therapy and group interventions, offering a meeting point where innovative programs have emerged. All in all, the text is an invaluable resource for graduate social work and performing arts students, practitioners, and scholars.


Section 1: Setting the Context
Chapter 1: An Overview
Chapter 2: Youth Community Practice
Chapter 3: Youth
Chapter 4: Key Values and Ethical Challenges and Social Justice Youth Community Practice
Chapter 5: Social Justice Youth Community Practice and Out-of-School Settings

Section 2: Music, Song, Dance and Theater
Chapter 6: Music
Chapter 7: Song
Chapter 8: Dance
Chapter 9: Theatre

Section 3: Case Studies and Illustrations
Chapter 10: Music: ZUMIX, Boston
Chapter 11: Song: The Good Life Organization, Chicago
Chapter 12: Dance: Moving in the Spirit, Atlanta
Chapter 13: Theatre: The Unusual Suspects, L.A.

Section 4: Future Directions and Conclusions
Chapter 14: Theory to Action
Chapter 15: Future Directions
Chapter 16: Epilogue



Melvin Delgado, PhD, Professor of Social Work & Co-Director, Center on Addictions Research and Services (CARS), Boston University School of Social Work. Dr. Delgado is currently OUP Series Editor of the Social Justice and Youth Community Practice Series. He has maintained an active research and scholarly agenda focused on urban youth practice.