Oxford Manual of Major Incident Management

ISBN : 9780199238088

Paul Hunt; Ian Greaves
480 ページ
138 x 216 mm

The Oxford Manual of Major Incident Management brings together and integrates the key facts for all those involved in major incident planning and response. This will be an invaluable resource for a wide range of professionals, from doctors across emergency medicine, public health, general practice, pre-hospital care, and communicable disease control, to nurses, emergency services, administrators and planners.

Transport, industrial, and natural disasters have always necessitated a coordinated interagency, multi-professional response, and with the rising threat in terrorist incidents, that need has never been greater. The information base required to plan for and manage this response has now been collected together into a single user friendly volume, clearly describing the hazards and their management at all stages. This manual will be useful in planning for all types of major incident, acting as the basis for training, and as an aide-memoir during an event. Authoritative, comprehensive, and concise, this quick-reference guide will be of use to both established experts and to novices in the field.


1 Introduction to major incident management
2 The Concept of Resilience
3 The Framework for a Major Incident Response
4 Responsibilities of relevant agencies, services and other bodies and individulas
5 Casualty and scene medical management
6 Special incidents
7 Communications
8 Chemical incidents
9 Biological incidents
10 Radiological and nuclear incidents
11 Conventional weapons- explosions and ballistics
12 The hospital response
13 Post-incident recovery and business continuity
14 Psychological aspects of major incidents
15 Dealing with the media


Ian Greaves qualified at the University of Birmingham Medical School in 1986. He trained in General Medicine and Emergency Medicine, joined the British Army and was appointed Consultant in 1997. He was appointed to Visiting Professor in Emergency Medicine at the University of Teesside in 2002. He is author or editor of several books and numerous chapters and papers on Emergency Medicine, Trauma and Pre-hospital Care. He is Chairman of the Research Committee, Member of the Speciality Advisory Board and Member of the Management Board of the Faculty of Pre-hospital Care.