Blackstone's Police Manual Volume 1: Crime 2018

ISBN : 9780198806103

Paul Connor
304 ページ
206 x 292 mm
Blackstone's Police Manuals

Blackstone's Police Manuals 2018, endorsed by the College of Policing, are the only official study guides for the NPPF Step Two Legal Examination (formerly OSPRE® Part I). Straightforward and accessible, Blackstone's Police Manuals are the only resource used by question writers when preparing a NPPF Step Two Legal Examination and each of the four volumes forms part of the only comprehensive version of the 2018 syllabus.

Blackstone's Police Manual Volume 1: Crime 2018 covers areas including Homicide, Sexual Offences, Fraud, State of Mind, and Non-Fatal Offences Against the Person. For complex or commonly misunderstood areas, there are handy Keynote boxes, which point to relevant case law or provide an example of how material is used in a practical sense, helping you to establish the connections between legislation and police procedure. The 2018 edition has been updated to incorporate all recent legislative developments and case law, including coverage of the Policing and Crime Act 2017, the Psychoactive Substances Act 2016, and changes to immigration law.

Also available in the series are: Volume 2: Evidence and Procedure 2018, Volume 3: Road Policing 2018, and Volume 4: General Police Duties 2018.

Blackstone's Police Manuals are also available as part of our online Blackstone's Police Manuals and Q&As service: http://www.blackstonespolice.com


1.1 Mens Rea (State of Mind)
1.2 Actus Reus (Criminal Conduct)
1.3 Incomplete Offences
1.4 General Defences
1.5 Homicide
1.6 Misuse of Drugs
1.7 Firearms and Gun Crime
1.8 Racially and Religiously Aggravated Offences
1.9 Non-fatal Offences Against the Person
1.10 Miscellaneous Offences Against the Person
1.11 Sexual Offences
1.12 Control of Sex Offenders
1.13 Child Protection
1.14 Theft and Related Offences
1.15 Fraud
1.16 Criminal Damage
1.17 Offences Against the Administration of Justice and Public Interest
1.18 Immigration Offences and People Exploitation


Paul Connor Cert Ed (FE), PG Cert (ODE), LLB is a Police Training Consultant, teaching law to over 3,000 candidates since 2002. He is the author of the Blackstone's Crime Manual and the Consultant Editor for the Blackstone's Police Manuals. He is the co-author of Blackstone's Police Investigators' Manual, Blackstone's Police Investigators' Workbook and is the author of the Blackstone's Sergeants' and Inspectors' Mock Examination Paper.