Acute and Critical Care Echocardiography

ISBN : 9780198757160

Claire Colebourn; Jim Newton
200 ページ
195 x 265 mm

A brand new series from Oxford University Press, the Oxford Clinical Imaging Guides are specifically designed to help doctors master imaging techniques. Each guide explains the principles and practice of using imaging in an easy-to-read, highly-illustrated, and authoritative manner.

Acute and Critical Care Echocardiography is the first practical guide dedicated to helping doctors use transthoracic echocardiography to manage acutely and critically ill patients. The book provides readers with a grounding in theoretical evidence-based aspects of critical care echocardiography. Expert authors help the reader apply this knowledge on a daily basis via clear step-by-step techniques and a focus on problem-solving and safe practice.

The book is mapped to the new accreditation syllabus in Advanced Critical Care Echocardiography set by the British Society of Echocardiography, ensuring that it is relevant to professional standards and teaches doctors exactly what they need to know. Self-assessment questions help readers retain what they have learned and revise for exams.

An essential day-to-day reference and interactive guide, this unique book should never be far from the critical care medic's side.


1 Claire Colebourn: The subspecialty practice of critical care echocardiography
2 Graham Barker: The left ventricle in critical illness
3 David Garry: Interpretation and implication of diastolic dysfunction in critically ill patients
4 James Day: The right ventricle in critical illness
5 Jodie Smythe, Toby Thomas, and Jim Newton: Valve disease in critical illness
6 Justin Mandeville: The pericardium
7 Justin Mandeville: Volume assessment and fluid responsiveness
8 Claire Colebourn: Field guide to critical care echocardiography
Appendix 1 Answers to questions
Appendix 2 Formulas


Dr Claire Colebourn is a consultant physician working full time in critical care in a busy teaching hospital. She has a strong interest in education and set up the UK's first dedicated intensive care echocardiography training programme now in its seventh successful year. Dr Colebourn's involvement with creating a new accreditation process for the British Society of Echocardiography, to address the specific training needs of critical care clinician-echocardiographers, inspired her to write this book with alumni of the Oxford Critical Care Echo Fellowship and Dr Jim Newton who runs the program with her.; Dr Jim Newton is involved in all aspects of echocardiography and has a specialist interest in the diagnosis, assessment and treatment of patients with valvular heart disease.