The Hybrid Media System: Politics and Power (2nd edition)

ISBN : 9780190696733

Andrew Chadwick
360 ページ
156 x 235 mm

New communication technologies have reshaped media and politics. But who are the new power players? The Hybrid Media System is a sweeping new theory of how political communication now works. Politics is increasingly defined by organizations, groups, and individuals who are best able to blend older and newer media logics, in what Andrew Chadwick terms a hybrid system. Power is wielded by those who create, tap, and steer information flows to suit their goals and in ways that modify, enable, and disable the power of others, across and between a range of older and newer media. By examining this system in flow, Chadwick reveals its complex balance of power. From American presidential campaigns to WikiLeaks, from live prime ministerial debates to hotly-contested political scandals, from the daily practices of journalists, campaign workers, and bloggers to the struggles of new activist organizations, the clash of media logics causes chaos and disintegration but also surprising new patterns of order and integration. With a new preface and chapter, the fully updated second edition applies the conceptual framework of the hybrid system to the 2016 U.S. presidential election and the rise of Donald Trump, illustrating the ways individuals blend new and old media systems to obtain political power.


Preface to the Second Edition
Chapter 1: An Ontology of Hybridity
Chapter 2: All Media Systems Have Been Hybrid
Chapter 3: The Contemporary Contexts of Hybridity
Chapter 4: The Political Information Cycle
Chapter 5: Power, Interdependence, and Hybridity in the Construction of Political News: Understanding WikiLeaks
Chapter 6: Symphonic Consonance in Campaign Communication: Reinterpreting Obama for America
Chapter 7: Systemic Hybridity in the Mediation of the American Presidential Campaign
Chapter 8: Hybrid Norms in News and Journalism
Chapter 9: Hybrid Norms in Activism, Parties, and Government
Chapter 10: Donald Trump, the 2016 US Presidential Campaign, and the Intensification of the Hybrid Media System
Conclusion: Politics and Power in the Hybrid Media System
List of Interviews


Andrew Chadwick is Professor of Political Science and the Founding Director of the New Political Communication Unit in the Department of Politics and International Relations at Royal Holloway, University of London. He is the author of the award-winning book Internet Politics: States, Citizens, and New Communication Technologies, co-editor (with Philip N. Howard) of The Handbook of Internet Politics, and the founding editor of the OUP book series, Oxford Studies in Digital Politics. http://www.andrewchadwick.com.