The Oxford Handbook of Corpus Phonology

ISBN : 9780198812111

Jacques Durand; Ulrike Gut; Gjert Kristoffersen
688 ページ
170 x 244 mm
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This handbook presents the first systematic account of corpus phonology - the employment of corpora for studying speakers' and listeners' acquisition and knowledge of the sound system of their native languages and the principles underlying those systems. The first part of the book discusses the design, compilation, and use of phonological corpora, while the second looks at specific applications. Part 3 presents the tools and methods used, while the final part examines a number of currently available phonological corpora in various languages. It will appeal not only to those working with phonological corpora, but also to researchers and students of phonology and phonetics more generally, as well as to all those interested in language variation, dialectology, language acquisition, and sociolinguistics.


1 Jacques Durand, Ulrike Gut, and Gjert Kristoffersen: Introduction

Part I: Phonological Corpora: Design, Compilation, and Exploitation
2 Ulrike Gut and Holger Voorman: Corpus Design
3 Bruce Birch: Data Collection
4 Elisabeth Delais-Roussarie and Brechtje Post: Corpus Annotation: Methodology and Transcription Systems
5 Helmer Strik and Catia Cucchiarini: On Automatic Phonological Transcription of Speech Corpora
6 Hermann Moisl: Statistical Corpus Exploitation
7 Peter Wittenburg, Paul Trilsbeek, and Florian Wittenburg: Corpus Archiving and Dissemination
8 Daan Broeder and Dieter van Uytyanck: Metadata Formats
9 Laurent Romary and Andreas Witt: Data Formats for Phonological Corpora

Part II: Applications
10 Elisabeth Delais-Roussarie and Hijon Yoo: Corpus and Research in Phonetics and Phonology: Methodological and Formal Considerations
11 Gjert Kristoffersen and Hanne Gram Simonsen: A Corpus-Based Study of Apicalization of /s/ before /l/ in Oslo Norwegian
12 Jacques Durand: Corpora, Variation, and Phonology: An Illustration from French Liaison
13 Yvan Rose: Corpus-Based Investigations of Child Phonological Development: Formal and Practical Considerations
14 Ulrike Gut: Corpus Phonology and Second Language Acquisition

Part III: Tools and Methods
15 Hans Sloetjes: ELAN: Multimedia Annotation Application
16 Tina John and Lasse Bombien: EMU
17 Paul Boersma: The Use of Praat in corpus research
18 Caren Brinckmann: Praat Scripting
19 Yvan Rose and Brian McWhinney: The PhonBank Project: Data and Software-Assisted Methods for the Study of Phonology and Phonological Development
20 Thomas Schmidt and Kai Worner: EXMARaLDA
21 Michael Kipp: ANVIL: The Video Annotation Research Tool
22 Atanas Tchobanov: Web-Based Archiving and Sharing of Phonological Corpora

Part IV: Corpora
23 Francis Nolan and Brechtje Post: The IViE Corpus
24 Jacques Durand, Bernard Laks, and Chantal Lyche: French Phonology from a Corpus Perspective: The PFC Programme
25 Kristin Hagen and Hanne Gram Simonsen: Two Norwegian Speech Corpora: No Ta-Oslo and TAUS
26 Ulrike Gut: The LeaP Corpus
27 Joan C. Beal, Karen P. Corrigan, Adam J. Mearns, and Hermann Moisl: The Diachronic Electronic Corpus of Tyneside English: Annotation Practices and Dissemination Strategies
28 Frans Gregersen, Marie Maegaard, and Nicolai Pharao: The LANCHART Corpus
29 Marc van Oostendorp: Phonological and Phonetic Databases at the Meertens Institute
30 Anne Catherine Simon, Michel Francard, and Philippe Hambye: The VALIBEL Speech Database
31 Janet Fletcher and Lesley Stirling: Prosody and discourse in the Australian Map Task Corpus
32 Jane S. Tsay: A Phonological Corpus of L1 Acquistion of Taiwan Southern Min



Jacques Durand is Emeritus Professor of Linguistics at the University of Toulouse II-Jean Jaures and a Member of the Institut Universitaire de France. His publications are mainly in phonology but he also worked in Machine Translation. He is the coordinator of two major research programmes in corpus phonology: Phonology of Contemporary French, with M.-H. Cote, B. Laks and C. Lyche, and Phonology of Contemporary English, with P. Carr and A. Przewozny. ; Ulrike Gut holds the Chair of English Linguistics at the Westfalische Wilhelms-University in Munster. Her main research interests include phonetics and phonology, corpus linguistics, second language acquisition, and world-wide varieties of English. She has collected the LeaP corpus and the ICE-Nigeria and is currently involved in the compilation of the ICE-Scotland. ; Gjert Kristoffersen is Professor of Scandinavian languages at the University of Bergen. His research interests are synchronic and diachronic aspects of Scandinavian phonology, especially Norwegian and Swedish prosody from a variationist perspective. He is the author of The Phonology of Norwegian (OUP 2000).