Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy: Volume 52

ISBN : 9780198805762

Victor Caston
368 ページ
135 x 216 mm

Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy is a volume of original articles on all aspects of ancient philosophy. The articles may be of substantial length, and include critical notices of major books. OSAP is now published twice yearly, in both hardback and paperback. "'Have you seen the latest OSAP?' is what scholars of ancient philosophy say to each other when they meet in corridors or on coffee breaks. Whether you work on Plato or Aristotle, on Presocratics or sophists, on Stoics, Epicureans, or Sceptics, on Roman philosophers or Greek Neoplatonists, you are liable to find OSAP articles now dominant in the bibliography of much serious published work in your particular subject: not safe to miss." - Malcolm Schofield, Cambridge University "OSAP was founded to provide a place for long pieces on major issues in ancient philosophy. In the years since, it has fulfilled this role with great success, over and over again publishing groundbreaking papers on what seemed to be familiar topics and others surveying new ground to break. It represents brilliantly the vigour - and the increasingly broad scope - of scholarship in ancient philosophy, and shows us all how the subject should flourish." - M.M. McCabe, King's College London


1 Rhodes Pinto: Nous, Motion, and Teleology in Anaxagoras
2 M. F. Burnyeat: 'All the World's a Stage-Painting': Scenery, Optics, and Greek Epistemology
3 David Ebrey: Identity and Explanation in the Euthyphro
4 Howard Peacock: The Third Man and the Coherence of the Parmenides
5 A.W. Price: Varieties of Pleasure in Plato and Aristotle
6 Gabriela Rossi: Going through aporiai: The Critical Use of Aristotle's Dialectic
7 Barbara M. Sattler: Aristotle's Measurement Dilemma
8 Karen Margrethe Nielsen: Spicy Food as Cause of Death: Coincidence and Necessity in Metaphysics E 2-3


Victor Caston is Professor of Philosophy and Classical Studies at the University of Michigan.