Surviving Triple Negative Breast Cancer: Hope, Treatment, and Recovery

ISBN : 9780195387629

Patricia Prijatel
256 ページ
162 x 235 mm

After her diagnosis of triple negative breast cancer (TNBC), health journalist Patricia Prijatel did what any reporter would do: start investigating the disease, how it occurs, and how it's treated. While she learned that important research was emerging, she found a noticeable lack of resources on the disease, which affects 70,000 women a year and differs from hormone-positive breast cancer in important ways, including prognosis and treatment options. Hormone negative breast cancer disproportionately affects younger women and African-American women - and it can be more dangerous than other types of breast cancer. But there are many reasons to be hopeful, as Prijatel learned. Through her blog, Positives About Negative, she has met hundreds of women who have told her their stories and shared their fears, confusion, and frustration. After her recovery, she began writing this book to provide the first dedicated resource for women diagnosed with TNBC. Surviving Triple Negative Breast Cancer delivers research-based information on the biology of TNBC; the role of genetics, family history, and race; how to navigate treatment options; and a plethora of strategies to reduce the risk of recurrence, including diet and lifestyle changes. In clear, approachable language, Prijatel provides an accessible guide to understanding a pathology report and a vast array of scientific studies. Woven throughout the book are stories of women who have faced TNBC. These are mothers, wives, daughters, and sisters who went through a variety of medical treatments and then got on with life - one competes in triathlons, two had babies after being treated with chemo, one got remarried in her 50s, and one just celebrated the 30th birthday of the son she was nursing when she was diagnosed. With honesty and humor, Prijatel's inspiring story shows the heart of a survivor. Her message is that TNBC is a disease to take seriously, with proper and occasionally aggressive treatment, but it is not automatically a killer. Most women diagnosed with the disease do survive. Surviving Triple Negative Breast Cancer is a roadmap for women who want to be empowered through their treatment and recovery.


Foreword: Carol Scott-Conner, MD, PhD
Chapter 1: The Sun Shines on My Bald Head
Educating Myself
How to Use this Book
The Language of TNBC
I Am, Literally, a Friend
Chapter 2: What is this Disease?
Sorting Out the Negatives and Positives
Recurrence and Metastases
Race and Triple Negative
The Age Factor
BRCA Mutations
Yeah, But
Additional Resources
Chapter 3: Understanding Your Diagnosis
Testing, Testing
Breast Cancer Types: Where Hormone-Negative Fits In
Translating Your Pathology Report
Chapter 4: The Biology of Triple Negative
Risks, Correlations, and Exceptions
The Implications of a Weakened Immune System
Our Genetic Code
The Interplay of Hormones and Receptors
Inflammation and the Insulin Connection
Reproductive Factors
How and Why is Race a Factor?
Men and Breast Cancer
Chapter 5: Treatment: Your Options
Facing Treatment
Surgery: Lumpectomy Vs. Mastectomy
Chemotherapy and TNBC
Chemotherapy Drugs
Biologic Therapies
Tamoxifen and Arimidex
Combined Therapy for Hormone Negative
Which Regimen Works Best?
On the Horizon
The Rest of You
Alternative Treatments
Follow-Up Care After Breast Cancer
Chapter 6: The Positives of Healthy Living
Exercise and Physical Activity
Weight Control
Diet: Healthy In, Healthy Out
Putting it All Together
Chapter 7: My Life Right Now
What Cancer Means to Me Now
TNBC Women
Appendix: Annotated Pathology Report: Pat's Case


Patricia Prijatel, E.T. Meredith Distinguished Professor Emerita at Drake University, has helped educate, motivate, support, and challenge people for the better part of three decades. She is a nationally published magazine writer, an award-winning teacher, and a well-respected writing coach. Her Positives About Negative blog has reached more than 100,000 readers and is one of the few sites that deals specifically with triple negative breast cancer. She is a recognized authority on the magazine industry, as co-author of The Magazine from Cover to Cover, now in its third edition with Oxford University Press.