Truth and Pluralism: Current Debates

ISBN : 9780195387469

Nikolaj J. L. L. Pedersen; Cory D. Wright
364 ページ
164 x 240 mm

The notion of truth has become much discussed in philosophy over the last few decade, with many senior figures grappling with the relativist and constructivist notions of truth popular in other parts of the academy. It continues to be a subject enjoying vibrant debate. Despite the varieties of views on truth, most of the discussion has agreed that truth has a uniform, stable nature, ranging across the boundaries of human knowledge. The editors and contributors to this volume challenge this very basic assumption, putting forth the idea of what is called alethic pluralism - that there is more than one way of being true. While it is uncontroversial that there are different kinds of truth (moral truth, scientific truth etc), these pluralist views propose that truth itself can vary and that bearers of truth can literally be true in different ways. This volume presents new essays by some of the world's leading philosophers to explore this new view and its implications for the philosophy of language, epistemology, metaphysics, and logic.


1 Introduction
Nikolaj J. L. L. Pedersen and Cory D. Wright
Part I: Varieties of Pluralism
2 Three Questions for Truth Pluralism
Michael Lynch
3 Lynch's Functionalist Theory of Truth
Marian David
4 Alethic Functionalism and the Norm of Belief
Pascal Engel
5 Pluralism about Truth as Alethic Disjunctivism
Nikolaj J. L. L. Pedersen and Cory D. Wright
6 Truth, Winning and Simple Determination Pluralism
Douglas E. Edwards
7 A Plurality of Pluralisms
Crispin Wright
Part II: Pluralism, Correspondence and Descriptions
8 Forms of Correspondence: The Intricate Route from Thought to Reality
Gila Sher
9 The Synthetic Unity of Truth
Robert Barnard and Terence Horgan
10 Alethic Pluralism and the Correspondence Theory of Truth
Richard Fumerton
11 Naturalizing Pluralism about Truth
Wolfram Hinzen
12 On Describing the World
Dorothy Grover
Part III: Pluralism, Deflationism and Paradox
13 Deflationism, Pluralism, Expressivism, Pragmatism
Simon Blackburn
14 Should We Be Pluralists about Truth?
Max Kolbel
15 Deflationism Trumps Pluralism!
Julian Dodd
16 Deflated Truth Pluralism
J. C. Beall
17 Pluralism and Paradox
Aaron Cotnoir


Nikolaj J. L. L. Pedersen is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Underwood International College, Yonsei University. Cory D. Wright is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at California State University, Long Beach.