Cerebral Cortex: Architecture, Connections, and the Dual Origin Concept

ISBN : 9780195385151

Deepak Pandya; Patsy Benny Cipolloni; Benjamin Seltzer; Michael Petrides
480 ページ
174 x 239 mm

Cerebral Cortex is a comprehensive and detailed work covering the dual nature of the organization of the architecture and connections of the cerebral cortex. After establishing the evolutionary approach of the cerebral cortex's origin, the authors have systematically analyzed, in detail, the common principle underlying the structure and connections of sensory and motor systems. This important book describes the frontal, limbic, and multimodal association areas, as well as the long fiber pathways in a similar manner. The anatomical investigations have been complimented with current clinical and experimental observations, as well as neuroimaging studies. This unique approach, exploring the underlying principle of the architecture and connections of the cerebral cortex, has previously never been undertaken. In the concluding chapter of the book, the authors have provided the usefulness of such an approach for future investigations. Cerebral Cortex provides extensive illustrations, along with historical references to each sensory, motor and association systems.


Part I
Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Architectonics: History and Principles
Chapter 3 Dual Organization of the Cerebral Cortex
Chapter 4 Cortical Connections: History and Principles
Part II
Chapter 5 Auditory System
Chapter 6 Somatosensory System
Chapter 7 Motor System
Chapter 8 Visual System
Chapter 9 Multimodal Cortex
Chapter 10 Prefrontal Cortex
Chapter 11 Paralimbic System
Chapter 12 Long Association Pathways
Chapter 13 Olfactory, Gustatory, and Vestibular Systems and the Amygdala
Chapter 14 Concluding Comments


Deepak Pandya, Research Professor in Neurology, Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology, Boston University School of Medicine, Boston, MA; Benjamin Seltzer Professor of Neurology and Psychiatry Clinical Professor of Medicine (Geriatrics) Boston University School of Medicine Boston, MA; Patsy Benny Cipolloni Associate Chief of Staff, Research and Development ENR Memorial VA Hospital Bedford, MA; Michael Petrides Montreal Neurological Institute McGill University Montreal