A Creative Duet: Mentoring Success for Emerging Music Educators

ISBN : 9780190645748

Jamila McWhirter
356 ページ
156 x 235 mm

A Creative Duet: Mentoring Success for Emerging Music Educators offers new insights into music education mentoring. This book shows pre-service and early career music educators how to be proactive, innovative partners in the mentoring process. Author Jamila L. McWhirter gives expert guidance and practical tools to encourage emerging music educators to shape their own careers. Grounded in research and nearly three decades of experience as a music educator and music teacher educator, the book examines the collaborative and creative nature of the mentoring process and guides readers to the importance of informal, organic mentoring partnerships. Based upon an innovative approach, A Creative Duet is a book on how emerging music educators may gain the most from mentoring experiences while sharing and finding their own voice. Dr. McWhirter guides the reader through creative strategies, real-life examples and experiences, as well as introducing the thoughts and feelings of several emerging music educators concerning their mentoring experiences. She leads the reader through proactive preparation steps such as developing a personal mission statement, setting a course of action, examining the importance of establishing a time commitment to the mentoring relationship, as well as other aspects of self-exploration. A Creative Duet is an important book not only for the pre-service and early career music educator, but also for those involved in guiding future music educators.



Chapter 1 Foundations of a Creative Duet: Qualities of Inspired Music Education Mentors
Formal and Informal Mentors
Iron Sharpens Iron: Qualities of Inspired Music Education Mentors
Open and Affirming Learning Climate
Support and Challenge
Roles of Informal and Formal Mentors Who Are Assigned

Chapter 2 Preparing for a Creative Duet: Becoming an Innovative Music Education Mentee
Questions and Goals
Problem Solving
Realistic Expectations and Being SMART
Alternative Approaches
Real Life 101: Emerging Music Educator No. 1

Chapter 3 Knowing Your Part: Examining Your Thoughts on the Mentoring
Know Thyself
As a Person
As a Musician
As a Teacher
Honesty: Areas of Strength and Improvement
Views of Mentorship
Real Life 101: Emerging Music Educator No. 2

Chapter 4 The Duet Begins: Prepare, Prepare, Prepare
The Initial Meeting
Building Trust
Voicing Your Hopes and Expectations
Overall Objectives
Real Life 101: Emerging Music Educator No. 3

Chapter 5 Developing Technical Accuracy: Proactive not Reactive
Action Plan
Stumbling Blocks
Perception versus Reality
Real Life 101: Emerging Music Educator No. 4

Chapter 6 Developing Musicianship Skills: Creativity in Time Management
Time Management Matrix
Time Management during Mentoring Sessions
Time Management outside Mentoring Sessions
Satisfaction and Needed Changes
Real Life 101: Emerging Music Educator No. 5

Chapter 7 Creative Responses to Your Duet Partner: Creating a Positive Environment
The Power of Words
Visualizing Proactive Responses
Focusing on the Solution
Real Life 101: Emerging Music Educator No. 6

Chapter 8 Cultivating Active Listening: Creativity in Interactions
Courage and Consideration
The Art of Negotiation
Role Reversal and Empathetic Listening
Differing Viewpoints Leading to Alternative Solutions
Open Lines of Communication
Discovering Underlying Reasons
Creative Resolution
Real Life 101: Emerging Music Educator No. 7

Chapter 9 Intensifying Aesthetic Aspects: Expanding Perspective Using the Right Side of the Brain
Visualize, Synthesize, and Transcend for a Holistic Picture
Emotions and Feelings in the Action Plan
Right-Brain Thinking as Guidance for the Mentoring Relationship
Proportion and Balance
Real Life 101: Emerging Music Educator No. 8

Chapter 10 A Creative Musical Collaboration: Co-Creating Opportunities
Musical Co-Creating Opportunities
Creative Daydreaming
Developing an Outsiders Perspective
Creativity as a Thought Process
Creativity as a Collaborative Process
Real Life 101: Emerging Music Educator No. 9

Chapter 11 Challenges of a Playing a Duet: Coping and Flourishing with Constructive Criticism
Developing a Tough Skin
Criticism of Musicianship
Criticism of Teaching
Criticism of Persona
Benefitting from Constructive Criticism
Real Life 101: Emerging Music Educator No. 10

Chapter 12 The Finale: The Duet Concludes
Stalling of a Mentoring Relationship
Evaluate Original Learning Outcomes
Acknowledge Achievements
Evaluate Personal Learning
Transfer to Other Relationships
Seeking Out a New Mentor

Chapter 13 The Encore: Giving of Yourself
Progressing from Mentee to Mentor
Preparing to be a Mentor
The Secret to Longevity in the Profession
Sharing with Others

CODA Lifelong Mentoring Relationships
APPENDIX A Personal Mission Statement & Mentoring Mission Statement
APPENDIX B S.M.A.R.T. Worksheet
APPENDIX C Music Educator Time Matrix
APPENDIX D Action Plan Worksheet
APPENDIX E Inspired Reading for Music Teaching
APPENDIX F Inspired Reading for Motivation & Organizing Your World
APPENDIX G Inspired Reading for Creativity & Relationships


Jamila L. McWhirter is Associate Professor and Coordinator of Music Education at Middle Tennessee State University. She is active as a presenter, clinician, guest conductor, and adjudicator throughout the United States. Her music education research has been published in the Journal of Music Education and presented nationally on numerous occasions for the National Association for Music Education, Society for Music Teacher Education, and Music Teacher National Association. She serves the profession on a national level as a member of the American Choral Directors Association Education and Communication Committee as well as the National Association for Music Education Music Educators Journal Advisory Committee. McWhirter is nearing three decades of teaching as a music educator and music teacher educator.