Cunningham's Manual of Practical Anatomy: Volume 1 : Upper and Lower Limbs (16th edition)

ISBN : 9780198749363

Rachel Koshi
312 ページ
195 x 265 mm

The new 16th edition of Cunningham's has been thoroughly revised for the modern-day anatomy student. The language has been simplified for easy understanding making this textbook ideal for students at undergraduate levels. Each dissection reflects current medical school teaching and is now broken down into clear step-by-step instructions. New learning features prepare students for the dissection lab, university examinations and clinical practice. Completely updated full colour artwork brings the friendly explanations to life. Following a logical structure, each chapter explains in a clear friendly manner the key knowledge expected of students. Improved diagrams with clear labelling and full colour illustrate key anatomical features bringing the text to life. Learning objectives introduce each dissection and clear step-by-step instructions make it easy to follow in the dissection lab. Throughout the book new clinical application boxes and radiology images explain how anatomy relates to clinical medical practice. At the end of each part, multiple-choice questions allow students to quickly review their knowledge before checking the answers in the appendix. Student friendly and richly illustrated this new edition of Cunningham's brings expert anatomical teaching to the modern day student of medicine, dentistry and allied health sciences. Retaining the trustworthy authority of the previous editions, this sixteenth edition offers a contemporary account of this excellent practical anatomy book.


1: General Introduction

The upper limb
2: Introduction to the upper limb
3: The pectoral region and axilla
4: The back
5: The free upper limb
6: The shoulder
7: The arm
8: The forearm and hand
9: The joints of the upper limb
10: The nerves of the upper limb
11: MCQs for part 1: the upper limb

The lower limb
12: Introduction to the lower limb
13: The front and medial side of thigh
14: The gluteal region
15: The popliteal fossa
16: The back of the thigh
17: The hip joint
18: The leg and the foot
19: The joints of the lower limb;
20: The nerves of the lower limb
21: MCQs for part 2: the lower limb

Answers to MCQs