Business Law 2017-2018 (25th edition)

ISBN : 9780198787686

J. Scott Slorach; Jason Ellis
352 ページ
206 x 292 mm

Written by two experts in the field, Business Law provides practical, up-to-date coverage of company, partnership, taxation, and insolvency law, plus all relevant aspects of EU law. The manual provides all of the required material students need to understand the latest legal developments affecting business law transactions, with a particular focus on relevant taxation law and business accounts and including the details of the March 2017 Budget. Examples are used throughout the manual enabling students to contextualize their learning effectively. Extensive and updated statutory references allow students both to cross-refer to appropriate primary sources, and to use the guide to interpret such sources. The book's depth of coverage, accessible format and clear structure make it an ideal reference for students on the Legal Practice Course.


1. Partnerships
1 Characteristics of partnerships
2 Partnership management and finance
3 Liability of partners to outsiders
4 Partnership disputes
5 Termination of and retirement from a partnership
6 The partnership agreement
2. Companies
7 Limited companies
8 Formation of a limited company
9 Directors and secretary
10 Shareholders
11 Company finance
12 Disposal of shares
13 Company meetings and resolutions
14 The articles of a private company
15 Disclosure obligations of companies and company accounts
16 Public companies
3. Taxation
17 Income tax: sole traders and partnerships
18 The corporation tax system
19 Taxation of directors' fees and employees' salaries
20 Taxation of distributions and debenture interest
21 Capital allowances
22 Capital gains tax and inheritance tax on business assets
23 Value Added Tax
4. Insolvency
24 Personal bankruptcy
25 Company insolvency proceedings
26 Liabilities arising from insolvency
5. Additional Topics
27 Choice of business medium
28 Limited liability partnerships
29 Sale of a business to a company
30 Shareholders' agreements
Appendix 1: Additional chapters (online only)


Professor J. Scott Slorach MA (Oxon) is a solicitor and Director of Learning and Teaching, York Law School, University of York. ; Jason Ellis MA (Oxon), LLM is a solicitor and Principal Lecturer in Law at Nottingham Trent University.