The Oxford Anthology of Statistics in Sports: Volume 1: 2000-2004

ISBN : 9780198724926

James Cochran; Jay Bennett; Jim Albert
544 ページ
189 x 246 mm

A collection of a wide range of research papers on applications of statistics to various sports from journals published by the American Statistical Association and the Royal Statistical Society from 2000 through 2004. The anthology is divided into eight sections (Baseball, Cricket, Football, Golf, Olympics/Track & Field, Soccer, Other Sports, and Miscellaneous), each comprising several research articles on applications of statistics to the corresponding sport written by leading researchers, and each featuring an original introduction written by a leading researcher on the application of statistics to the corresponding sport. The anthology includes research papers at all levels of statistical sophistication that utilize a wide variety of statistical methods, and should therefore be of great interest to the statistically inclined sports fan as well as instructors and students of statistics who are looking for examples of interesting applications of statistics to problems in sports.


1 Gary A. Simon and Jeffrey S. Simonoff: Were the 1996-2000 Yankees the Best Baseball Team Ever?
2 Gary Koop: Comparing the Performance of Baseball Players
3 James J. Cochran: Career Records for All Modern Position Players Eligible for the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame
4 Jim Albert: Streakiness in Team Performance
5 Teddy Schall and Gary Smith: Do Baseball Players Regress toward the Mean?
Olympics/Track & Field
6 Scott M. Berry: Gold Medals, Protests, and Trading Ratings: The 2002 Winter Olympics Figure Skating
7 Scott M. Berry: One Modern Man or 15 Tarzans?
8 Samuel S. Wu and Mark C. K. Yang: Evaluation of the Current Decision Rule in Figure Skating and Possible Improvements
9 Trevor F. Cox and Ryan T. Dunn: An Analysis of Decathlon Data
American Football
10 Scott M. Berry: College Football Rankings
11 Chris White and Scott Berry: Tiered Polychotomous Regression: Ranking NFL Quarterbacks
12 Scott M. Berry: The Cold-Foot Effect
13 David Mease: A Penalized Maximum Likelihood Approach for the Ranking of College Football Teams Independent of Victory Margins
14 Keith A. Willoughby: The Return of a Missed Field Goal in Canadian Football
15 Hal S. Stern: Statistics and the College Football Championship
16 Frank Duckworth: A Fair Result in Foul Weather
17 P. E. Allsopp and Stephen R. Clarke: Rating Teams and Analysing Outcomes in One-Day and Test Cricket
18 Ian Preston and Jonathan Thomas: Rain Rules for Limited Overs Cricket and Probabilities of Victory
19 Ian Preston and Jonathan Thomas: Batting Strategy in Limited Overs Cricket
20 Lawrence L. Kupper, Leonard B. Hearne, Sandra L. Martin, and Jeffrey M. Griffin: Is the USGA Golf Handicap System Equitable?
21 Scott M. Berry: A Game of Which I am Not Familiar
22 Derek R. Bingham and Tim B. Swartz: Equitable Handicapping in Golf
23 Robert Ketzscher and Trevor J. Ringrose: Exploratory Analysis of European Professional Golf Association Statistics
24 Eduardo Fernandez-Cantelli and Glen Meeden: An Improved Award System for Soccer
25 Ruud H. Koning: Balance in Competition in Dutch Soccer
26 Martin Crowder, Mark Dixon, Anthony Ledford, and Mike Robinson: Dynamic Modelling and Prediction of English Football League Matches for Betting
27 Nobuyoshi Hirotsu and Mike Wright: An Evaluation of Characteristics of Teams in Association Football by Using a Markov Process Model
28 David Forrest and Robert Simmons: Making up the Results: The Work of the Football Pools Panel
Other Sports
29 Zia Zaman: Coach Markov Pulls Goalie Poisson
30 Don Dawson and Lonnie Magee: The National Hockey League Entry Draft, 1969-1995
31 Reid Dorsey-Palmateer and Gary Smith: Bowlers' Hot Hands
32 Herbert K. H. Lee, Daniel L. Cork, and David J. Algranati: Did Lennox Lewis beat Evander Holyfield?
33 Dimitris Karlis and Loannis Ntzoufras: Analysis of Sports Data By Using Bivariate Poisson Models
34 Leonhard Knorr-Held: Dynamic Rating of Sports Teams
35 Donald A. Berry and LeeAnn Chastain: Inferences about Testosterone Abuse among Athletes
36 Lisa Farrell and Michael A. Shields: Investigating the Economic and Demographic Determinants of Sporting Participation in England
37 Jim Albert and Patricia Williamson: Using Model/Data Simulations to Detect Streakiness


James J. Cochran earned a PhD in Statistics from the University of Cincinnati in 1997. He was a founding co-chair of Statistics Without Borders and a member of the founding committee for INFORMS Pro Bono Analytics initiative. He is a Fellow of the ASA, a recipient of the ASA's Founders Award, and a recipient of the Karl E. Peace Award for outstanding statistical contributions for the betterment of society.; Jay Bennett studied at Colgate University and the University of Michigan, and later obtained a Ph.D. from Temple University. He has worked and performed research in the areas of computer science, operations research, and telecommunications. He was the editor of Statistics in Sport and the co-author (with Jim Albert) of Curve Ball.; Jim Albert has authored Teaching Statistics Using Baseball, and co-authored Curve Ball (with Jay Bennett) and Analyzing Baseball with R (with Max Marchi). He is a previous editor of the Quantitative Analysis of Sports. His research interests include Bayesian inference, statistics education, and statistical thinking in sports.