Oxford Studies in Political Philosophy

ISBN : 9780198801238

David Sobel; Peter Vallentyne; Steven Wall
304 ページ
135 x 216 mm
Oxford Studies in Political Philosophy

This is the third volume of Oxford Studies in Political Philosophy. Since its revival in the 1970s political philosophy has been a vibrant field in philosophy, one that intersects with jurisprudence, normative economics, political theory in political science departments, and just war theory. OSPP aims to publish some of the best contemporary work in political philosophy and these closely related subfields. This volume features ten papers and an introduction. The papers address a range of central topics and represent cutting edge work in the field. The first two parts of the volume deal with equality and justice and state legitimacy, while the final part looks at social issues that are not easily understood in terms of personal morality, yet which need not centrally involve the state.


David Sobel: Introduction

Part I: Equality and Justice
1 Keith Hyams: On the Contribution of Ex Ante to Ex Post Fairness
2 Elizabeth Anderson: The Problem of Equality from a Political Economy Perspective: The Long View of History
3 Serena Olsaretti: Liberal Equality and the Moral Status of Parent-Child Relationships
4 George Sher: Doing Justice to Desert

Part II: State Legitimacy
5 Ralf Bader: Counterfactual Justifications of the State
6 David Enoch: Political Philosophy and Epistemology: The Case of Public Reason
7 Seth Lazar and Laura Valentini: Proxy Battles in Just War Theory: Jus in Bello, the Site of Justice, and Feasibility Constraints

Part III: Further Topics
8 Seana Shiffrin: The Moral Neglect of Negligence
9 Michael Otsuka: How to Guard Against the Risk of Living Too Long: the Case for Collective Pensions
10 Jonathan Parry: Authority and Harm


David Sobel is Irwin and Marjorie Guttag Professor of Ethics and Political Philosophy at Syracuse University.; Peter Vallentyne is Florence G. Kline Chair in Philosophy at the University of Missouri. ; Steven Wall is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Arizona.