Global Organizations: Challenges, Opportunities, and the Future

ISBN : 9780190241490

Rabi S. Bhagat; Annette S. McDevitt
336 ページ
156 x 235 mm

The 21st century is often characterized as the age of globalization, with the world's economies becoming more and more interconnected at an unprecedented rate. And while the phenomenon of globalization isn't necessarily new, it has taken on a drastically different form since the 1980s: competition amongst multinational and global organizations is more intense, and non-Western multinationals are now emerging as important players in the global economy. Today, professional managers need to reconcile the opportunities and challenges associated with the rapid growth of Asian, Eastern European, and Latin American countries. To do so, adopting what's called 'the global mindset' is becoming an essential skill for managers within these global organizations. The key advantages of developing a global mindset are many. In Global Organizations: Challenges, Opportunities, and the Future, authors Rabi S. Bhagat, Annette S. McDevitt, and B. Ram Baliga offers an insightful and comprehensive overview of the most important issues today for managers looking to develop and nurture their own global mindset for their company's future. Global Organizations expertly provides readers with research- and evidence-based knowledge on the significance of developing a sophisticated global mindset regardless of national identity or geographic locale.


Foreword by Michael A. Hitt
Foreword by Dean Rajiv Grover
Chapter 1: Global Organizations in a Changing World
Chapter 2: Economic and Political Geography
Chapter 3: Global Strategies and the Organization
Chapter 4: Structuring the Global Organization
Chapter 5: Outsourcing, Offshoring, and Innovation
Chapter 6: Technology Transfer and Organizational Knowledge Management
Chapter 7: Cultural Variations and the Global Organizations
Chapter 8: Global Mindset and the Global Organization
Chapter 9: Developing Effective Global Organizations: The Future


Rabi S. Bhagat is a fellow of six academic societies and is particularly interested in the functioning of global organizations in East Asian and Latin American countries.; Annette S. McDevitt has had wide experience in Western Europe and is highly knowledgeable on the functioning of Japanese organizations.; B. Ram Baliga has been a consultant for Nokia and other advanced telecommunication companies in Finland, Singapore, and other countries and continues to consult with major global corporations.