Arts in Health: Designing and Researching Interventions

ISBN : 9780198792079

Daisy Fancourt
352 ページ
156 x 234 mm

Over the past few decades, the use of the arts in health has blossomed. What, for many centuries, was seen as a fringe activity is now being recognised as a field that has enormous potential for impacting positively on both individuals and societies. However, despite this surge in interest and activity, there is still limited support available for people working in the field. Although the number of practical training courses for artists is growing and more universities are establishing research groups, most training activity occurs in either practice or research; there are relatively few opportunities to gain parallel experience in both. Arts in Health: Designing and Researching Interventions provides a complete overview of how to go about undertaking research and practice in the field of arts in health. It starts by exploring the context for arts in health interventions, including the history of the use of arts in health and the theoretical and political developments that have laid the foundations for its flourishing. It also considers what 'arts in health' encompasses and the range of disciplines involved. Part II examines how to design an arts in health intervention, develop partnerships and find funding and considers the sensitivities around working in healthcare. Part III considers the value of research for the field of arts in health and how to design and undertake a research project. Finally, part IV provides a fact file of arts in health research and practice, showing how the arts can be applied and the benefits they can bring across a range of medical disciplines. The book will be valuable for researchers, practitioners, healthcare professionals and those interested in learning more about the field.


Part I: Introduction
1 Introduction

Part II: The context for arts in health interventions
2 A history of the use of arts in health
3 The theoretical background to arts in health
4 The political background to arts in health
5 Defining arts in health

Part III: Designing and delivering arts in health interventions
6 Conceptualising and planning interventions
7 Implementing and evaluating interventions
8 Partnerships and funding
9 Working in healthcare

Part IV: Researching arts in health interventions
10 An introduction to research
11 A step-by-step approach to the research process
12 Writing a research protocol
13 Research ethics

Part V: Fact file of arts in health research and practice
Critical care and emergency medicine
Geriatric medicine
Healthcare staff
Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Neonatology
Palliative care
Public Health
Rehabilitation medicine


Dr Daisy Fancourt is a Research Fellow in the Centre for Performance Science, a partnership of Imperial College London and the Royal College of Music. Her research focuses on the effects of arts participation on neuroendocrine and immune response, the use of the arts within clinical settings and the psychosocial impact of cultural engagement at an individual and public health level.