Milton in Translation

ISBN : 9780198754824

Angelica Duran; Islam Issa; Jonathan R. Olson
528 ページ
153 x 234 mm

Milton in Translation represents an unprecedented collaboration that demonstrates the breadth of John Milton's international reception, from the seventeenth century through today. This book collects in one volume new essays written on the translation of Milton's works written by an international roster of experts: stalwart and career-long Miltonists, scholars primarily of translation studies, and practitioners who have translated Milton's works. Chapters are grouped geographically but also, by and large, chronologically, given that Milton's works radiated further abroad over time. The chapters on the twenty-three individual languages showcased in this volume are framed by 'Part I: Approaches', consisting of an introduction and two major essays on the global reach and the aural nature of Milton's poetry, and by an epilogue. 'Part II: Influential Translations' features the most influential languages in translations of Milton's works (English, Latin, German, French). Then, accounts of Milton's afterlives in specific languages are provided in 'Part III. Western European and Latin American Translations' (Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, Icelandic, Italian, Portuguese, European Spanish, Latin American Spanish), 'Part IV: Central and Eastern European Translations' (Bulgarian, Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Serbian/Montenegrin, Serbo-Croatian languages), 'Part V: Middle Eastern Translations' (Arabic, Hebrew, Persian), and 'Part VI: East Asian Translations' (Chinese, Japanese, Korean). The chapters in Parts II through VI include historical and critical context, a brief history of translation in the language, and a case study on any single work or group of Milton's works in translation.


Part I Approaches
1 Angelica Duran and Islam Issa: Introduction: From 'Cambalu' to 'El Dorado'
2 Thomas N. Corns: Milton's Global Reach
3 Beverley Sherry: Lost and Regained in Translation: The Sound of Paradise Lost

Part II Influential Translations
4 Aaron Shapiro: 'Levelling the Sublime': Translating Paradise Lost into English in the Eighteenth Century
5 Estelle Haan: 'Translated Verse': Milton's Latin Poetry in the Long Eighteenth Century
6 Estelle Haan: 'Latinizing' Milton: Paradise Lost, Latinitas, and the Long Eighteenth Century
7 Curtis Whitaker: Domesticating and Foreignizing the Sublime: Paradise Lost in German
8 Christophe Tournu: 'The French Connection' among French Translations of Milton and within du Bocage's Paradis terrestre

Part III Western European and Latin American Translations
9 Jan Frans van Dijkhuizen: Paradise Lost in Dutch, 1728-2003: Form, Politics, Religion
10 Anne Lange: A Vision in Times of Need: Milton in Estonia
11 David Robertson: Traces of the Birth of the State of Finland in Jylha's Translation of Paradise Lost
12 Astradur Eysteinsson: Iceland's Milton: On Jon Torlaksson's Translation of Paradise Lost
13 Daniele Borgogni: 'Censur'd to Be Much Inferiour': Paradise Lost and Regained in Italian
14 Helio J.S. Alves: Milton in Portuguese: A Story in Blank Verse
15 Angelica Duran: Paradise Lost in Spanish Translation and as World Literature
16 Mario Murgia: Either in Prose or Rhyme: Translating Milton in(to) Latin America

Part IV Central and Eastern European Translations
17 Alexander Shurbanov: The Quest for the Right Accent: Milton in Bulgarian Translation
18 SarkaTobrmanova: Jungmann's Translation of Paradise Lost in the Vanguard of Modern Czech Culture
19 Miklos Peti: In 'Milton's Prison': Milton in Hungarian Translation
20 Joanna Rzepa: Translation as Resistance: Three Centuries of Paradise Lost in Polish
21 Marjan Strojan: Milton in Serbian/Montenegrin: Paradise Lost from behind Bars
22 Marjan Strojan: Milton in Illyria

Part V Middle Eastern Translations
23 Islam Issa: Paradise Lost in Arabic: Images, Style, and Technique
24 Noam Reisner: Pre-Eminent among Gentiles: Milton's Major Poetry in Hebrew Translations
25 Jeffrey Einboden: Plotting a Persian Paradise: Milton's Iranian Afterlives

Part VI East Asian Translations
26 Bing Yan: Milton in China 'Yet Once More'
27 Hiroko Sano: Translating Milton's Poetry into Japanese with a Case Study of Samson Agonistes
28 Kim Hae Yeon with Angelica Duran: The 1960s and Paradise Lost in Korean
Gordon Campbell: Epilogue: Multilingual and Multicultural Milton


Angelica Duran is Professor at Purdue University, where she has been on the English and Comparative Literature faculties since earning her PhD in English Literature from Stanford in 2000. She served as Purdue's Director of Religious Studies from 2009 to 2013. Her monographs, edited and co-edited volumes, journal articles, and scholarly chapters are anchored in early modern English literature and range from Anglo-Hispanic Comparative Literature to Disability Studies. She is on the Executive Committee (2012-21) of the Milton Society of America and the editorial board of Milton Quarterly.; Islam Issa is Lecturer in English Literature at Birmingham City University. He has published on the reception of Milton in the Arab world, including an award-winning census of Arabic translations of Milton. He has a practical understanding of translation, having worked as a simultaneous interpreter of Arabic to English, interpreting for a range of high-profile figures. In 2009, he was a Research Consultant for the BBC's Poetry Season documentary about Milton, providing insight into Islamic responses to Paradise Lost. His book, Milton in the Arab-Muslim World, is the first full-length study of Milton in the region, and he is also translating and editing the first Arabic edition of Milton's sonnets.; Jonathan R. Olson is an Honorary Fellow in the Department of English at the University of Liverpool. His research focuses on early modern English literature, book history, and cinema. He has taught literature and film as Leverhulme Early Career Fellow at Liverpool and as Visiting Assistant Professor at Biola University, and held a Mellon Visiting Research Fellowship at the University of Warwick and the Newberry Library. He has held bibliographical fellowships at the Beinecke, Clark, Houghton, and Huntington Libraries for research on his current book project, Selling an English Canon: Literary Publishing, 1640-1710. He contributed a chapter to The Cinema of Christopher Nolan (2015).