The Oxford Handbook of Positive Psychology and Work

ISBN : 9780199989966

P. Alex Linley; Susan Harrington; Nicola Garcea
368 ページ
171 x 243 mm
Oxford Library of Psychology

The Oxford Handbook of Positive Psychology and Work examines what positive psychology offers to our understanding of key issues in working life today. Drawing on the disparate literatures from positive psychology, management, I/O psychology, and human resources, the volume begins with a consideration of the changing world of work that sets the context for the rest of the book and then moves into a specific consideration of work issues from the perspective of positive psychology. Chapters focus on such topics as strengths, leadership, human resource management, employee engagement, communications, well-being, and work-life balance. Now a portable paperback, this handbook is still a core resource for both researchers and practitioners interested in the application of positive psychology to work.


1. Finding the Positive in the World of Work
P. Alex Linley, Susan Harrington, and Nicola Garcea
Part One: Positive Psychology and the Changing World of Work
2. The Changing World of Work
Wayne F. Cascio
3. Generation Me and the Changing World of Work
Jean M. Twenge and Stacy M. Campbell
Part Two: Positive Organizational Leadership
4. What is Authentic Leadership Development?
Bruce J. Avolio, Jakari Griffith, Tara S. Wernsing, and Fred O. Walumbwa
5. Enablers of a Positive Strategy: Positively Deviant Leadership
Lynn Perry Wooten and Kim S. Cameron
6. Change and Its Leadership: The Role of Positive Emotions
Malcolm Higgs
7. Working Positively Toward Transformative Cooperation
Leslie E. Sekerka and Barbara L. Fredrickson
8. Strengths: Your Leading Edge
Danny Morris and Jill Garrett
9. Towards a Positive Psychology for Leaders
Robert E. Kaplan and Robert B. Kaiser
Part Three: Positive Work Environments for Individuals and Organizations
10. Employee Engagement and the Psychology of Joining, Staying In, and Leaving Organizations
James K. Harter and Nikki Blacksmith
11. Work as Meaning: Individual and Organizational Benefits of Engaging in Meaningful Work
Michael F. Steger and Bryan J. Dik
12. More than Meets the Eye: The Role of Employee Well-Being in Organizational Research
Thomas A. Wright
13. Positive Engagement: From Employee Engagement to Workplace Happiness?
Martin Stairs and Martin Galpin
Part Four: Enabling a Positive Working Life
14. Using Coaching and Positive Psychology to Promote a Flourishing Workforce: A Model of Goal-Striving and Mental Health
Anthony M. Grant and Gordon B. Spence
15. Mindfulness at Work: Paying Attention to Enhance Well-being and Performance
Oberdan Marianetti and Jonathan Passmore
16. Work-Life Balance: The Roles of Work-Family Conflict and Work-Family Facilitation
Boris B. Baltes, Malissa A. Clark, and Madhura Chakrabarti
17. Strengths Development in the Workplace
Timothy D. Hodges and Jim Asplund
18. Strengths of Character and Work
Christopher Peterson, John Paul Stephens, Nansook Park, Fiona Lee, and Martin E. P. Seligman
Part Five: Models for Positive Organization
19. Dream Teams: A Positive Psychology of Team Working
Joanne Richardson and Michael A. West
20. Positive Organizational Scholarship Leaps into the World of Work
Don Mroz and Shawn Quinn
21. Look Before You Leap or Dive Right In? The Use of Moral Courage in Response to Workplace Bullying
Susan Harrington and Charlotte Rayner
22. An Integrated Model of Psychological Capital in the Workplace
Carolyn M. Youssef and Fred Luthans
23. Building the Positive Workplace: A Preliminary Report from the Field
Jocelyn S. Davis
Part Six: Looking to the Future: Challenges and Opportunities
24. Good for What? The Young Worker in a Global Age
Lynn Barendsen and Howard Gardner
25. What's Wrong with Being Positive?
Samantha Warren
26. Building Positive Organizations
Nicola Garcea, Susan Harrington, and P. Alex Linley


Alex Linley, Ph.D., is the Founding Director of the Centre for Applied Positive Psychology Susan Harrington, Ph.D., is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist, a Director at the Centre of Applied Positive Psychology Nicola Garcea, Ph.D., is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist