Digital Discourse: Language in the New Media

ISBN : 9780199795444

Crispin Thurlow; Kristine Mroczek
408 ページ
155 x 235 mm
Oxford Studies in Sociolinguistics

Digital Discourse offers a distinctly sociolinguistic perspective on the nature of language in digital technologies. It starts by simply bringing new media sociolinguistics up to date, addressing current technologies like instant messaging, textmessaging, blogging, photo-sharing, mobile phones, gaming, social network sites, and video sharing. Chapters cover a range of communicative contexts (journalism, gaming, tourism, leisure, performance, public debate), communicators (professional and lay, young people and adults, intimates and groups), and languages (Irish, Hebrew, Chinese, Finnish, Japanese, German, Greek, Arabic, and French). The volume is organized around topics of primary interest to sociolinguists, including genre, style and stance. With commentaries from the two most internationally recognized scholars of new media discourse (Naomi Baron and Susan Herring) and essays by well-established scholars and new voices in sociolinguistics, the volume will be more current, more diverse, and more thematically unified than any other collection on the topic.


Foreword, Naomi Baron Introduction: Fresh Perspectives on New Media Sociolinguistics, Crispin Thrulow and Kristine Mroczek Part 1 - Metadiscursive Framings of New Media Language 1. Voicing "Sexy Text": Heteroglossia and Erasure in TV News Representations of Detroit's Text Message Scandal, Lauren Squires 2. WHen Friends Who Talk Stalk Together: Online Gossip as Metacommunication, Graham Jones, Bambi Schieffelin, and Rachel Smith 3. "Join Our Community of Translators": Language Idelogies and Facebook, Aoife Lenihan Part 2 - Creative Genres: Texting, Messaging and Multimodality 4. Beyond Genre: Closings and Relational Work in Text-Messaging, Tereza Spilioti 5. Japanese Keitai Novels and Ideologies of Literacy, Yukiko Nishimura 6. Micro-Blogging and Status Updates on Facebook: Texts and Practices, Carmen Lee 7. Multimodal Creativity and Identities of Expertise in the Digital Ecology of a World of Warcraft Guild, Lisa Newon 8. Ride Hard, Live Forever: Translocal Identities in an Online Community of Extreme Sports Chrstians, Saija Peuronen 9. Performing Girlhood Through Typographic Play in Hebrew Blogs, Carmel Vaisman Part 4 - Stance: Ideological Position-Taking and Social Categorization 10. Stuff White People Like: Stance, Class, Race and Internet Commentary, Shana Walton and Alexandra Jaffe 11. Banal Globalization? Embodied Actions and Mediated Practices in Tourists' Online Photo-Sharing, Crispin Thurlow and Adam Jaworski 12. Orienting to Arab Orientalism: Language, Race, and Humor in a YouTube Video, Elaine Chun and Keith Walters Part 5 - New Practices, Emerging Methodologies 13. From Variation to Heteroglossia in the Study of Computer-Mediated Discourse, Jannis Androutsopoulos 14. SMS4science: An International Corpus-Based Texting Project and the Specific Challenges for Multilingual Switzerland, Christa Dürscheid and Elisabeth Stark 15. C me Sk8: Discourse, Technology and "Bodies Without Organs", Rodney Jones Comment, Susan Herring Index


Crispin Thurlow is Associate Professor of Language and Communication at University of Washington (Bothell). Kristine Mroczek is a doctoral candidate in Communication at University of Washington (Seattle).