MENC Handbook of Research on Music Learning: Volume 2: Applications

ISBN : 9780199754397

Richard Colwell; Peter Webster
336 ページ
162 x 235 mm

The MENC Handbook of Research on Music Learning, Volume 2: Applications brings together the best and most current research on best practice for music learning, focusing squarely on the profession's empirical and conceptual knowledge of how students gain competence in music at various ages and in different contexts. The collection of chapters, written by the foremost figures active in the field, addresses a range of best practices for approaching current and important areas in the field, including cognition and perception, music listening, vocal/choral learning, and the needs of special learners. The book's companion volume, Strategies, provides the solid theoretical framework and extensive research upon which these practices stand. Throughout both volumes in this essential set, focus is placed on the musical knowledge and musical skills needed to perform, create, understand, reflect on, enjoy, value, and respond to music. A key point of emphasis rests on the relationship between music learning and finding meaning in music, and as music technology plays an increasingly important role in learning today, chapters move beyond exclusively formal classroom instruction into other forms of systematic learning and informal instruction. Either individually or paired with its companion Volume 1: Strategies, this indispensable overview of this growing area of inquiry will appeal to students and scholars in Music Education, as well as front-line music educators in the classroom.



1. Contemporary Research on Music Listening: A Holistic View
Rob E. Dunn

2. The Acquisition of Music Reading Skills
Donald A. Hodges and D. Brett Nolker

3. Music, Movement, and Learning
Carlos R. Abril

4. Self-Regulation of Musical Learning: A Social Cognitive Perspective on Developing Performance Skills
Gary E. McPherson and Barry J. Zimmerman

5. Research on Elementary and Secondary School Singing
Kenneth H. Phillips and Sandra M. Doneski

6. Music Learning in Special Education: Focus on Autism and Developmental Disabilities
Elise S. Sobol

7. Music Learning in Early Childhood: A Review of Psychological, Educational, and Neuromusical Research
Wilfried Gruhn



Richard Colwell is Professor Emeritus of Music Education at the University of Illinois and the New England Conservatory of Music. He is the founding editor of the Bulletin of the Council for Research in Music Education and the Quarterly Journal of Music Teaching and Learning. He is also a Guggenheim scholar and a member of MENC's Hall of Fame. He is co-editor of The New Handbook of Research on Music Teaching and Learning, as well as editor of The MENC Handbook of Research Metholodolgoies and The MENC Handbook of Musical Cognition and Development. Peter R. Webster is Professor of Music Education and Director of the Center for Music Technology at Northwestern University School of Music, and co-author (with David Brian Williams) of Experiencing Music Technology