Let God Arise: The War and Rebellion of the Camisards

ISBN : 9780199688449

W.Gregory Monahan
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Let God Arise draws upon an extensive array of archival sources to present the first modern account in English entirely devoted to the rebellion and war of the Camisards. Combining traditional narrative with analysis, W. Gregory Monahan examines the issues that led to that rebellion, beginning with the conversion of the artisans and peasants of the remote mountain region of the Cevennes to Protestantism in the sixteenth century, its persistence in that confession in the seventeenth, and the shattering impact of the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes, which deprived Protestants first of their pastors, and then of the itinerant preachers who attempted to take their place. Beginning in 1701, prophetism swept the region, and the prophets, who believed they heard and followed the word of the Holy Spirit, soon led their followers into violent attacks on the Catholic Church and rebellion against the crown. A persistent and occasionally successful guerrilla war raged for over two years. Monahan argues that the resulting war involved a host of often conflicting world views, or discourses, in which the various parties to the conflict, whether the king and his ministers at Versailles, the provincial intendant Basville and local officials, the foreign powers, the Church, the generals, or the Camisard rebels themselves, often misunderstood or failed to communicate with each other, resulting too often in terrible violence and bloodshed. Let God Arise tells us much about the nature of the reign of Louis XIV and the popular religion of the time in exploring the last great rebellion in France before the Revolution of 1789.


List of Abbreviations
Prologue: Death and Life
1. A Marvelous Ardor
2. Fire Beneath the Ashes
3. I Will Pour Out My Spirit
4. Your Women and Children Shall Prophesy
5. Let God Arise
6. The Camisards
7. Apostle of Languedoc
8. Tempest of Fire
9. Our Poor Allies
10. Apotheosis
11. The Road to Calvisson
12. The Children of God
13. Alpha and Omega
Conclusion: A Failure to Communicate


W. Gregory Monahan was professor of history at Eastern Oregon University from 1986 until his retirement in 2012. This is his second book on the later reign of the Sun King, Louis XIV. It is based on extensive research in the libraries and archives of France, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.