R. G. Collingwood: an Autobiography and Other Writings: With Essays on Collingwood's Life and Work

ISBN : 9780199586035

David Boucher; Teresa Smith
644 ページ
144 x 221 mm

This volume presents a many-faceted view of the Oxford philosopher R. G. Collingwood. At its centre is his Autobiography, published in 1939, which has the status of a cult classic for its compelling 'story of his thought'. Collingwood's work has enjoyed renewed attention in recent years, with new editions of his great philosophical works. This volume republishes the Autobiography alongside a previously unpublished account by Collingwood of a journey to the East Indies in 1938-1939. These writings are accompanied by eleven specially written essays. Several of these examine aspects of Collingwood's life-not just the Autobiography, but what he doesn't discuss in that work, from his childhood to his professorship at Oxford. And the essays also examine aspects of his work on philosophy, politics, history, and archaeology, in the context of his life.


Notes on Contributors
Introduction: The Biography of An Autobiography, David Boucher and Teresa Smith

PART I: R. G. Collingwood, An Autobiography
1: Collingwood's Childhood: Habits of Thought, Teresa Smith
2: The Oxford Man, James Patrick
3: Collingwood's Critique of Oxbridge Realism, Michael Beaney
4: Collingwood as Archaeologist and Historian, Tony Birley
5: Collingwood's Philosophy of History in the Year of his Autobiography, Jan van der Dussen
6: The Historicity of Thought, Bruce Haddock
7: From Method to Metaphysics, Rex Martin
8: Collingwood and European Liberalism, David Boucher
9: Collingwood Controversies, James Connelly
10: The Autobiography as Literature, Philip Smallwood

PART II: R. G. Collingwood, Log of a Journey in the East Indies, 1938-1939
A Philosopher's Journey: Collingwood's voyage to the East Indies 1938-39, and its relation to An Autobiography and other writings, Wendy James
R. G. Collingwood, A letter from Bali to his sister Barbara Gnosspelius, 23 December 1938


David Boucher is a Research Professor in the School of European Languages, Translation and Politics, Cardiff University, and Distinguished Associate Research Fellow at the University of Johannesburg. He has been Chairman of the Collingwood Society since 1993 and has published widely on all aspects of Collingwoods thought. His most recent books are The Limits of Ethics in International Relations (Oxford University Press, 2009) and British Idealism: a guide for the perplexed (with AnThe New Leviathan, revised edition (1992), and The Philosophy of Enchantment (with Wendy James and Philip Smallwood, 2005).; Teresa Smith is R. G. Collingwoods daughter by his second wife, Kate Collingwood. Since the 1970s she has worked closely with Collingwood scholars across the world to assemble material on and promote interest in R G Collingwoods work. Much of this material has now been deposited in the Bodleian library. After studying Greats and social policy at Oxford, she worked in educational research, and was appointed University Lecturer at Oxford in the 1970s, later fellow of St Hildas College, and head of the (then) Department of Social Policy and Social Work 1997-2005. Her research areas cover early childhood education, educational disadvantage and parental involvement. She is currently working on the national evaluation of Childrens Centres in England. She has also published on R G and his father W G Collingwood.