Born Entrepreneurs, Born Leaders: How Your Genes Affect Your Work Life

ISBN : 9780195373424

Scott Shane
288 ページ
160 x 242 mm

Are you a born entrepreneur or a born leader, possessing innate characteristics that somehow you better than others at these important business activities? Although most observers give little attention to how genetics affects your behavior in the work world, your DNA accounts for over one third of the difference between you and your co-workers on many dimensions of your work life, from how satisfied you are at work to how you make decisions to how much money you make. Because genes matter, understanding how they affect your behavior is important. That's where this book comes in. It discusses how your genes influence your work interests, work values, decision making, risk taking, management style, leadership style, creativity, entrepreneurship, and work performance, among other aspects of your work life. This book will help you understand why you do what you do, and help you to make the most of what you've got..- your skills, your personality, your attitude, and so on. It will help you to find the right job fit for your innate preferences. Moreover, by providing you with an understanding of how genetics influences your behavior, the book will help you to act in ways contrary to your "nature...Finally, the book will help you to figure out how to best influence the behavior of your employees and coworkers, by designing incentives and changes to the work place that fit people's genetic predisposition.


1. Genes at Work: Your Genes and Organizational Behavior
2. Why That Job? The Genetic Foundations of Your Work Interests
3. Happy at Work? How Your Genes Affect Your Job Satisfaction
4. Instinctive Choices: Genetic Influences on Decision Making
5. Instinct at the Office: How Your Genes Affect Your Management Style
6. Born Leaders? How Your Genes Affect Your Leadership Style
7. Creative Genius? Your Genetic Predisposition for Creativity and Innovation
8. Born Entrepreneurs? How Your Genes Affect Your Tendency to Start Companies
9. Good Workers, Bad Workers: How Your Genes Affect Your Job Performance and Your Income
10. Your Genes Matter! So What?


Scott Shane is the A. Malachi Mixon III Professor of Entrepreneurial Studies at Case Western Reserve University. A world renowned expert in management and entrepreneurship, Dr. Shane has conducted extensive research on numerous aspects of business, including the effect of genetics on entrepreneurial behavior. He is the author or editor of fourteen books, including the widely acclaimed Illusions of Entrepreneurship, which was ranked by Amazon.com's editors as one of the top ten business and finance books of 2008. He previously served on the faculties of University of Maryland, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Georgia Institute of Technology, and as a visiting scholar at the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine in London and National University of Singapore. Shane was the 2009 winner of the Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research Award, the most prestigious award for scholarship in the entrepreneurship field.