Making Sense in Education: A Student's Guide to Research and Writing (2nd edition)

ISBN : 9780199024964

288 ページ
152 x 227 mm
  • The only resource of its kind. This essential how-to guide for education students and teacher candidates includes tips for academic writing (including essays), as well as professional writing for audiences unique to the teaching profession (parents, students, administrators, etc.).
  • Concise. This text features a concise overview of research and writing for students, for a reasonable price, that can be used as a resource for a student's entire academic and teaching career.
  • Unique coverage. In addition to a comprehensive introduction to academic writing, Making Sense in Education includes chapters on Giving an Oral Presentation; Active Listening, Group Work, and Co-operative Learning; Creating an Education Portfolio and Reflective Writing; and Curriculum Planning and Reporting Student Work. New coverage includes unit and lesson planning, active listening with parents, and how to create newsletters and e-portfolios.
  • New appendix of online resources for educators. The new appendix provides a list of websites, organized by topic, for further instruction, examples, and discussion of writing and listening topics specific to education.
  • Up-to-date APA guidelinesMaking Sense in Education provides the most current guidelines for documentation in the education discipline, including coverage of APA style.

The Making Sense series offers clear, concise guides to research and writing for students at all levels of undergraduate study. The volumes in the Making Sense series-covering the humanities courses, social sciences, life sciences, engineering, psychology, religious studies, and education-are intended for students in any undergraduate course with a research and writing component, but are especially appropriate for those at the first-year level.?
Intended for education students, Making Sense in Education provides detailed information on proper grammar, punctuation, writing styles for a variety of formats, and APA documentation while also addressing education-specific topics such as preparing feedback for students, creating education portfolios, active listening while communicating with parents, curriculum planning, and more. This revised edition includes more education-specific examples throughout, a new appendix with online resources for further reading, and an expanded glossary to help students throughout their academic and teaching careers.


A Note to the Student
A Note to the Instructor
Chapter 1 Writing in Education
Chapter 2 Writing an Essay
Chapter 3 Writing a Professional Summary, Critique and Review, and Literature Review
Chapter 4 Writing a Formal Letter, Newsletter, E-mail, and Other Reports and Memos
Chapter 5 Using Tables and Figures
Chapter 6 Documenting Sources
Chapter 7 Writing with Style
Chapter 8 Grammar and Common Errors in Usage
Chapter 9 Punctuation and Style Treatments
Chapter 10 Misused Words and Phrases
Chapter 11 Giving an Oral Presentation
Chapter 12 Active Listening, Group Work, and Co-operative Learning
Chapter 13 Writing a Curriculum Vitae, Resumé, and Cover Letter
Chapter 14 Creating an Education Portfolio and Reflective Writing
Chapter 15 Curriculum Planning and Reporting of Student Work
Appendix: Online Resources for Educators


Margot Northey is a specialist in communications and the former dean of the School of Business at Queen's University. With the original Making Sense volume now in its eighth edition and seven specialized adaptations currently published, Northey's series of Making Sense texts has experienced tremendous success in the Canadian undergraduate market.
Kristen Ferguson is an associate professor at the Schulich School of Education at Nipissing University. She has published numerous journal articles in the Journal of Teaching and Learning, Canadian Journal of Education, and Reading Horizons, among others. She is the co-adaptor of OUP Canada's Literacy: Reading, Writing, and Children's Literature, 1Ce (2017).
Jon G. Bradley is a retired associate professor in the Faculty of Education at McGill University and past co-ordinator for the McGill Centre for the Study and Teaching of Writing. He has previously co-authored a non-education specific writing textbook, Writing for Ourselves/Writing for Others (Nelson, 1992).