International Criminal Law

ISBN : 9780198806202

Roger O'Keefe
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Oxford International Law Library

International Criminal Law provides a comprehensive overview of an increasingly integral part of public international law. It complements the usual accounts of the substantive law of those international crimes tried to date before international criminal courts and of the institutional law of those courts with in-depth analyses of fundamental formal juridical concepts such as an 'international crime' and an 'international criminal court'; with detailed examinations of the many international crimes provided for by way of multilateral treaty and of the attendant obligations and rights of states parties; and with sustained attention to the implementation of international criminal law at the national level. Direct, concise, and precise, International Criminal Law should prove a valuable resource for scholars and practitioners of the discipline of international criminal law.


Part 1: Foundational Concepts and Principles
1: The International Rules on National Criminal Jurisdiction
2: The Concept of an International Crime
3: The Types of Criminal Tribunal

Part 2: The Substantive Law of International Crimes
Crimes under Customary International Law
4: The Crimes
5: Modes of Responsibility
6: Grounds for Excluding Responsibility
Treaty Crimes
7: The Crimes and Their Modes of Responsibility
8: The Obligations and Rights of States Parties

Part 3: The Suppression Of International Crimes
Municipal Law and Courts
9: Substantive Law, Jurisdiction, Prosecution, and Courts
10: Immunity and Inviolability
11: Statutory Limitation and Amnesty
International Criminal Courts
12: The International Criminal Tribunals for the Former Yugoslavia and Rwanda and Their Residual Mechanism
13: The Special Court for Sierra Leone and Residual Special Court for Sierra Leone
14: The International Criminal Court


Roger O'Keefe is Professor of Public International Law at University College London and a Visiting Professor at Central European University. Previously he was a Senior Lecturer in Law and the Deputy Director of the Lauterpacht Centre for International Law at the University of Cambridge and a Fellow of Magdalene College, Cambridge. In 2004 he was awarded the Journal of International Criminal Justice Prize for his article 'Universal Jurisdiction: Clarifying the Basic Concept', and in 2009 he was a member and the co-rapporteur of the African Union-European Union Technical Ad hoc Expert Group on the Principle of Universal Jurisdiction.