Being a Judge in the Modern World

ISBN : 9780198796602

Jeremy Cooper
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139 x 217 mm

The role of the judiciary is constantly evolving and is in many ways more important than ever. Indeed, many argue that the sovereignty of parliament is eroding and being replaced by the respective power of judges. The Jackson Reforms of 2010, for example, saw judges bestowed with more power over case and budget management than ever before. Equally, courtrooms are transforming under the weight of technological innovation and the increasing presence of litigants in person. Stemming from a series of lectures arranged by the Judicial College on the theme of 'Being a Judge in the Modern World', this book provides a survey of many significant aspects of the modern judicial role. With contributions from some of the most senior judges in the UK and beyond, this collection provides a unique and firsthand insight into the development of the legal system and the challenges faced by today's judiciary. Additional contributions from the realms of journalism and civil liberties offer an external perspective and provide a wider context to the judicial voices.


1: Introduction, Professor Jeremy Cooper
2: Reflections of a Retired Lord Chief Justice, Lord Judge of Draycote
3: Reflections of a Serving Lord Chief Justice, Lord Thomas of Cwmgiedd
4: Walking the Tightrope of Independence in a Constitutionally Illiterate World, Shami Chakrabarti CBE
5: The Embattled Judge, Joshua Rosenberg QC
6: Judges and the Modern Media, Alan Rusbridger
7: Being a Judge in the Modern World: a View from the Caribbean, Madame Justice Desiree Bernard
8: The New World of Tribunals: A Quiet Revolution, Professor Jeremy Cooper
9: Reflections on the Tribunal Reform Project, Lord Carnwath of Notting Hill
10: Improving the Delivery of Justice, Lord Justice Ryder
11: The Modernisation of Access to Justice in Times of Austerity, Lord Justice Ryder
12: The Centrality of Justice: Its Contribution to Society, and its Delivery, Lord Thomas of Cwmgiedd
13: Judicial Independence in a Changing Landscape, Lord Thomas of Cwmgiedd
14: How Diverse are Judges?, Lady Hale of Richmond
15: Should Judges Make Law?, Lord Justice Laws


Professor Jeremy Cooper was, until July 2016, Joint Director of Training in the Judicial College, London. He sat as a Tribunal Judge in both the first-tier Tribunal and the Upper Tribunal, also serving as Southern Regional Chairman of the Mental Health Review Tribunal. He is an Honorary Visiting Professor at the Universities of Kent and Middlesex. Prior to becoming a Tribunal Judge he was Dean of the Law Faculty and Professor of Law at Southampton Institute.