Neuropsychological Assessment in the Age of Evidence-Based Practice: Diagnostic and Treatment Evaluations

ISBN : 9780190464714

Stephen C. Bowden
328 ページ
181 x 241 mm

Evidence-based practice has become the benchmark for quality in healthcare and builds on rules of evidence that have been developed in psychology and other health-care disciplines over many decades. This volume aims to provide clinical neuropsychologists with a practical and approachable reference for skills in evidence-based practice to improve the scientific status of patient care. The core skills involve techniques in critical appraisal of published diagnostic-validity or treatment studies. Critical appraisal skills assist any clinician to evaluate the scientific status of any published study, to identify the patient-relevance of studies with good scientific status, and to calculate individual patient-probability estimates of diagnosis or treatment outcome to guide practice. Initial chapters in this volume review fundamental concepts of construct validity relevant to the assessment of psychopathology and cognitive abilities in neuropsychological populations. These chapters also summarize exciting contemporary development in the theories of personality and psychopathology, and cognitive ability, showing a convergence of theoretical and clinical research to guide clinical practice. Conceptual skills in interpreting construct validity of neuropsychological tests are described in detail in this volume. In addition, a non-mathematical description of the concepts of test score reliability and the neglected topic of interval estimation for individual assessment is provided. As an extension of the concepts of reliability, reliable change indexes are reviewed and the implication of impact on evidence-based practice of test scores reliability and reliable change are described to guide clinicians in their interpretation of test results on single or repeated assessments. Written by some of the foremost experts in the field of clinical neuropsychology and with practical and concrete examples throughout, this volume shows how evidence-based practice is enhanced by reference to good theory, strong construct validity, and better test score reliability.


Preface to the National Academy of Neuropsychology Book Series on Evidence-Based Practices
Preface to the Fourth Volume in the National Academy of Neuropsychology Series on Evidence-Based Practices
Editor Preface

Chapter 1: Why do we need evidence-based neuropsychological practice?
Author: Stephen Bowden.

Chapter 2: Theory as evidence: Criterion validity in neuropsychological testing.
Authors: Elizabeth N. Riley, Hannah L. Combs, Heather A. Davis, Gregory T. Smith.

Chapter 3: Construct validity has a critical role in evidence-based neuropsychological
Authors: Paul A. Jewsbury and Stephen Bowden.

Chapter 4: Contemporary Psychopathology Assessment: Mapping Major Personality Inventories onto Empirical Models of Psychopathology
Authors: Tayla T.C. Lee, Martin Sellbom, Christopher J. Hopwood.

Chapter 5: When is a test reliable enough and why does it matter?
Authors: Stephen Bowden & Sue Finch.

Chapter 6: Best Practice Approaches for Evaluating Significant Change for individuals. Authors: Anton D Hinton-Bayre and Karleigh Kwapil.

Chapter 7: Evidence-based Practices in Neuropsychology.
Author: Gordon Chelune.

Chapter 8: Evidence-Based Integration of Clinical Neuroimaging Findings in Neuropsychology.
Author: Erin Bigler.

Chapter 9: Use of reporting guidelines for research in clinical neuropsychology: Expanding evidence-based practice through enhanced transparency.
Author: Mike Schoenberg.

Chapter 10: How do I know when a diagnostic test works?
Author: Martin Bunnage.

Chapter 11: Applying Diagnostic Standards to Performance Validity Tests and the Individual Case.
Authors: David T. R. Berry, Jordan P. Harp, Lisa Mason Koehl & Hannah L. Combs.

Chapter 12: Critically Appraised Topics for Intervention Studies: Practical Implementation
Methods for the Clinician-Scientist.
Author: Justin B. Miller.

Chapter 13: Key skills for the evidence-based practitioner.
Author: Stephen Bowden.


Stephen Bowden is a Clinical Neuropsychologist and Fellow of the Australian Psychological Society. He is a Professor in the Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences, University of Melbourne where he teaches psychological assessment, and evidence-based practice in clinical neuropsychology. He is also Consultant Neuropsychologist in the Department of Clinical Neurosciences at St. Vincent's Hospital, Melbourne. He is currently co-Editor-in-Chief of Neuropsychology Review.