The Band Teacher's Percussion Guide: Insights into Playing and Teaching Percussion

ISBN : 9780190461683

Stewart Hoffman
256 ページ
156 x 235 mm

The Band Teacher's Percussion Guide: Insights into Playing and Teaching Percussion is an essential practical resource for instrumental music teachers and band directors. Author Stewart Hoffman, a Juilliard-trained percussionist, performer, private instructor, and former classroom teacher, offers comprehensive yet accessible and clearly written handbook to help set teachers and students alike firmly on the road to classroom success. In this book, he offers a thorough foundation in snare drum, timpani, keyboard percussion, drum set, and auxiliary and Latin percussion techniques. More than this, he provides practical advice on curriculum and methodology, packing page after page with teaching tips developed through the decades of experience. For educators and band directors who want to learn more about percussion instruments and playing techniques, refine their percussion-teaching skills, or set the classroom stage for a more effective and rewarding teaching experience, The Band Teacher's Percussion Guide: Insights into Playing and Teaching Percussion will be a valued resource for discovering: -keys to effective and relevant evaluation -how to plan a percussion program, organize a band room and select percussionists -lists of recommended instruments and mallets, and guidelines for instrument maintenance and repair -"lifts and levels", a system that leads students to greater control and a more relaxed snare drum technique dozens of practical exercises for the development of techniques on all the main and accessory percussion instruments -easily referenced lists summarizing important points to focus on when practicing -guidelines for teaching jazz, Latin and rock drumset -numerous suggestions and tips to help teachers bring out the best in their students' playing


Part 1: Getting organized
1.1 Selecting Your Percussionists
1.2 Planning Your Percussion Program
1.3 Challenging the Beginning Percussionist
Part 2: The Snare Drum
2.1 Introduction: The Snare Drum
2.2 Holding the Sticks
2.3 The Relaxed Stroke
2.4 Working with the Rebound
2.5 Lifts and Levels
2.7 Sticking
2.6 The Rudiments: Flams, Paradiddles, Drags and Four-Stroke Ruffs
2.8 Snare Drum Rolls
2.9 Evaluating Snare Drum Performance
Part 3: The Drum Set
3.1 Introduction: The Drum Set
3.2 Drum Set Techniques
3.3 Jazz Drumming
3.4 Latin Drumming
3.5 Rock Drumming
3.6 Drum Solos and Fills
Part 4: The Mallet instruments
4.1 Introduction: The Mallet Instruments
4.2 Holding the Mallets: The Two- and Four-Mallet Grips
4.3 Playing Mallet Instruments
4.4 Sight Reading on Mallet Instruments
4.5 Evaluating Mallet Instrument Performance
Part 5: The Timpani
5.1 Introduction: Timpani
5.2 Playing Timpani
Part 6: Auxiliary Percussion
6.1 Introduction
6.2 Concert Bass Drum
6.3 Suspended and Crash Cymbals
6.4 The Tambourine
6.5 The Triangle and Sleigh Bells
Part 7: Latin Instruments
7.1 Introduction to Latin Percussion
7.2 The Conga Drum
7.3 Other Latin Percussion
Part 8: Instrument Storage and Maintenance
8.1 Storing the Instruments
8.2 Replacing and Tuning Drum Heads
8.3 An Overview of Percussion Inventory and Instrument Maintenance
Percussion Inventory and Repair Checklist
Appendix A Exercises
Appendix B Book Recommendations


A graduate of the Juilliard School, Stewart Hoffman has extensive experience directing middle and high school music programs and teaching orchestral percussion, drum set and jazz vibraphone privately to students of all ages. Mr. Hoffman currently is a freelance percussionist living in Toronto, where he teaches privately from his own studio and at Crescent School, where he conducts the percussion ensemble.