The Past, Present, and Future of Theologies of Interreligious Dialogue

ISBN : 9780198792345

Terrence Merrigan; John Friday
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The Past, Present and Future of Theology of Interreligious Dialogue brings together several of the most widely regarded specialists who have contributed to theological reflection on religious diversity and interreligious encounter. The chapters are united by the consistent theme of the obligation to engage with the challenges that emerge from the tension between the doctrinal tradition(s) of Christianity and the need to reconsider them in light of and in response to the fact of religious otherness. As a whole, these reflections are motivated by the desire to bring together a significant selection of different theological approaches that have been developed and appropriated in order to engage with religious difference in the past and present, as well as to suggest possibilities for the future. This confluence of perspectives reveals the complexity of theological reflection on religious diversity, and gives some indication of future challenges that must be acknowledged, and perhaps successfully met, in the ongoing attempt to address a universal reality in light of traditional doctrinal particularities and cultural concerns.


Terrence Merrigan: Rethinking Theologies of Interreligious Dialogue

Part I: The Reappropriation of the Christian Doctrinal Tradition
1 Terrence Merrigan: Towards an Incarnational Hermeneutics of Interreligious Dialogue
2 Dermot Lane: Pneumatological Foundations for a Catholic Theology of Interreligious Dialogue
3 Annemarie Mayer: The Future of Inter-religious Dialogue in the Light of Ramon Lull's Contribution to the Encounter of Religions
4 Gavin D'Costa: Between Doctrine and Discernment: The Question of the Jewish People and the Development of Doctrine arising from Vatican II
5 Ilaria Morali: Catholic Theology vis-a-vis Religions and Dialogue 50 Years after Vatican II

Part II: The Appeal to (Religious) Experience
6 John Friday: Discerning Criteria of Religious Experience in Theology of Interreligious Dialogue: Insights from William James and Bernard Lonergan
7 Discerning the Divine and the Demonic through Dialogue: Recent Evangelical Theology of Religions Wouter Biesbrouck
8 Michelle Voss Roberts: Discerning Doctrine: Interreligious Dialogue as Experiential Source of Theology

Part III: The Acknowledgement of Otherness
9 Jeannine Hill Fletcher: Marginal Notes: Women and Other 'Others' in the Theology of Religions
10 Francis Clooney: Between the Garland of Jaimini's Reasons and Catholic Theology
11 Marianne Moyaert: Comparative Theology Between Text and Ritual
13 Felix Wilfred: From Inter-religious Dialogue to Religious Cosmopolitanism


Terrence Merrigan is Professor of Systematic Theology in the Department of Theology and Religious Studies at the University of Leuven.; John Friday is a postdoctoral researcher in Theology and Religious Studies at the University of Leuven.