Martin Luther: Rebel in an Age of Upheaval

ISBN : 9780198722816

Heinz Schilling
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156 x 234 mm

No other German has shaped the history of early-modern Europe more than Martin Luther. In this comprehensive and balanced biography we see Luther as a rebel, but not as a lone hero; as a soldier in a mighty struggle for the universal reform of Christianity and its role in the world. The foundation of Protestantism changed the religious landscape of Europe, and subsequently the world, but the author chooses to show not simply as a reformer, but as an individual. In his study of the Wittenberg monk, Heinz Schilling - one of Germany's leading social and political historians - gives the reader a rounded view of a difficult, contradictory character, who changed the world by virtue of his immense will.


Prologue: Living in an Age of Faith and an Age in Transition

PART ONE: Childhood, Education, and the First Years as a Monk, 1483-1511
1 1484 - New Departures for Christendom
2 Childhood and Youth
3 Crisis and Flight to the Monastery

PART TWO: Wittenberg and the Beginnings of the Reformation, 1511-1525
4 Wittenberg
5 Eleutherios - The Birth of a Free Man
6 The Reformer - Standing His Ground before Church, Emperor, and Empire
7 Beginning to Labour for the Cause
8 Contesting Interpretation within the Evangelical Camp
9 Arrived in the World -Marriage, Family, and a Large Household

PART THREE: Prophetic Confidence, but Temporal Failure, 1525-1546
10 Evangelical Renewal of Church and Society
11 But We Christians Are Part of a Different Struggle - Facing the Demands of the World
12 Conflicted Emotions: God-Given Joy and Apocalyptic Fear
13 Dying in Christ - We Are All Beggars, That is True

Epilogue: Failure and Success: Luther and the Modern World


Heinz Schilling was Professor of Early Modern History at the Humboldt University, Berlin until his retirement in 2010. His main areas of research are in early modern European history, including studies in religion, politics, migration studies, foreign policy, and social and cultural history.