Gertrude Bell and Iraq: A Life and Legacy

ISBN : 9780197266076

Charles Tripp; Paul Collins
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156 x 234 mm
Proceedings of the British Academy

This is a major re-evaluation of the life and legacy of Gertrude Lowthian Bell (1868-1926), the renowned scholar, explorer, writer, archaeologist, and British civil servant. The book examines Gertrude Bell's role in shaping British policy in the Middle East in the first part of the 20th century, her views of the cultures and peoples of the region, and her unusual position as a woman occupying a senior position in the British imperial administration. It focuses particularly on her involvement in Iraq and the part she played in the establishment of the Iraqi monarchy and the Iraqi state. In addition, the book examines her interests in Iraq's ancient past. She was instrumental in drawing up Iraq's first Antiquities Law in 1922 and in the foundation of the Iraq Museum in 1923. Gertrude Bell refused to be constrained by the expectations of the day, and was able to succeed in a man's world of high politics and diplomacy. She remains a controversial figure, however, especially in the context of the founding of the modern state of Iraq. Does she represent a more innocent age when the country was born out of the remnants of the Ottoman Empire, or does she personify the attitudes and decisions that have created today's divided Middle East? The volume's authors bring new insights to these questions.


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Notes on Contributors
1 Paul Collins & Charles Tripp: Introduction

Part I: Gertrude Bell and the Ottoman Empire
2 Peter Sluglett: Gertrude Bell and the Ottoman Empire

Part II: Gertrude Bell and Archaeology
3 Mark P. C. Jackson: A Critical Examination of Gertrude Bell's Contribution to Archaeological Research in Central Asia Minor
4 Lisa Cooper: 'Better than any ruined site in the world' - Gertrude Bell and the Ancient City of Assur
5 Rosalind Wade Haddon: What Gertrude Bell did for Islamic Archaeology

Part III: Gertrude Bell - A Woman in a Man's World
6 Helen Berry: Gertrude Bell - Pioneer, Anti-Suffragist, Feminist Icon?
7 Tamara Chalabi: Fragments of a Mirror: The Writing of Gertrude Bell

Part IV: Gertrude Bell and the Making of the Iraqi State
8 Myriam Yakoubi: Gertrude Bell's Perception of Faisal I of Iraq and the Anglo-Arab Romance
9 Saad B. Eskander: Gertrude Bell and the Formation of the Iraqi State: The Kurdish Dimension

Part V: Gertrude Bell and Iraqi Heritage
10 Magnus T. Bernhardsson: Gertrude Bell and the Antiquities Law of Iraq
11 Ian Johnson: Gertrude Bell and the Evolution of the Library Tradition in Iraq
12 Lamia Al-Gailani Werr: Gertrude Bell in the Archive of the Iraq Museum

13 Janet E Courtney (nee Hogarth) introduced by Moayad Hanoush: In Memoriam: Gertrude Margaret Lowthian Bell (July 14, 1868 - July 12, 1926)