The Oxford Handbook of School Psychology

ISBN : 9780195369809

Melissa A. Bray; Thomas J. Kehle
920 ページ
184 x 257 mm
Oxford Library of Psychology

With its roots in clinical and educational psychology, school psychology is an ever-changing field that encompasses a diversity of topics. The Oxford Handbook of School Psychology synthesizes the most vital and relevant literature in all of these areas, producing a state-of-the-art, authoritative resource for practitioners, researchers, and parents. Comprising chapters authored by the leading figures in school psychology, The Oxford Handbook of School Psychology focuses on the significant issues, new developments, and scientific findings that continue to change the practical landscape. The handbook's focuses include: - allegiance to the reciprocal relationship between science and practice to promote problem-solving and enrichment models - service delivery designed to improve competencies of all students - the relationship between general cognitive ability and important life outcomes - the development of viable and enduring educational, family, and community systems to support students - increasing student diversity and the necessity of increased sensitivity to the influences of social, cultural, political, and legislative variables of schooling - outlining tenable reasons why, since the end of World War II, children from kindergarten through the secondary grades have generally not been the recipients of a superior or efficient educational system - all relevant legislation, including the No Child Left Behind Act, and the ongoing question of who or what is responsible for the inadequate academic preparation of inner-city children - building a cumulative knowledge base to better facilitate students' academic, social, and personal competencies including the promotion of positive mental health and subjective well-being The scholarship compiled here is a must-read for practitioners, students, and faculty, and an ideal resource for parents seeking a scientific approach to the efficacy of school psychology practices. In both breadth and depth, this handbook promises to serve as the benchmark reference work for years to come.


Melissa A. Bray is Associate Professor in the Department of Educational Psychology and the School Psychology Program at the University of Connecticut. Thomas J. Kehle is Professor and Director of School Psychology at the University of Connecticut.