Inclusive Ethics

ISBN : 9780198792178

Ingmar Persson
288 ページ
153 x 234 mm

Inclusive Ethics begins from two ideas which are part of our everyday morality, namely that we have a moral reason to benefit or do good to other beings, and that justice requires these benefits to be distributed equally. A morality comprising these two general principles will be exceedingly hard to apply as these principles will have to be balanced against each in an intuitive fashion, but also because the notion of what benefits beings is quite complex, comprising both experiential components of pleasure and successful exercises of autonomy. Ingmar Persson argues that, on philosophical reflection, these ideas turn out to be more far-reaching than we imagine. In particular, the reason to benefit commits us to benefit beings by bringing them into existence. Further, since grounds that are commonly used to justify that some are better off than others - such as their being more deserving or having rights to more - are untenable, justice requires a more extensive equality. The book concludes by reflecting on the problems of getting people to accept a morality which differs markedly from the morality with which they have grown up.



Part I: The Inclusiveness of Benefiting and Reasons of Beneficence
1 Two Aspects of Things Being Intrinsically Valuable for Us: Well- Being and Autonomy
2 Defence of an Inclusive View of Benefiting and Reasons of Beneficence
3 Three Problems of Procreation: Replaceability, the Asymmetry, and the Non-Identity Problem
4 The Repugnant Conclusion and the Non-Transitivity of Value Relations
5 The End of Life and of Consciousness
6 The Inclusion of Non-Human Animals

Part II: Extreme Egalitarianism
7 The Ground for the Justice of Equality
8 The Badness of Unjust Inequality
9 Prioritarianism and Its Problems
10 Some Alternative Bases of Equality

Part III: Philosophical Thinking about how to Live
11 On the Usefulness of the Principles of Beneficence and Justice
12 The Point of Moral Philosophy
13 Beyond Ethical Inclusiveness: The Philosophy of Life


Ingmar Persson received his PhD in practical philosophy in 1981 before becoming a Junior Research Fellow, Lecturer, and then Professor in the same discipline at the University of Lund, Sweden. Ingmar then moved to Gothenburg to take up the chair in practical philosophy in 2004. He has also been a Part-time Distinguished Research Fellow at the Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics for almost 10 years.