The Philosophy of Trust

ISBN : 9780198732549

Paul Faulkner; Thomas Simpson
336 ページ
153 x 234 mm

Trust is central to our social lives. We know by trusting what others tell us. We act on that basis, and on the basis of trust in their promises and implicit commitments. So trust underpins both epistemic and practical cooperation and is key to philosophical debates on the conditions of its possibility. It is difficult to overstate the significance of these issues. On the practical side, discussions of cooperation address what makes society possible-of how it is that life is not a Hobbesian war of all against all. On the epistemic side, discussions of cooperation address what makes the pooling of knowledge possible-and so the edifice that is science. But trust is not merely central to our lives instrumentally; trusting relations are themselves of great value, and in trusting others, we realise distinctive forms of value. What are these forms of value, and how is trust central to our lives? These questions are explored and developed in this volume, which collects fifteen new essays on the philosophy of trust. They develop and extend existing philosophical discussion of trust and will provide a reference point for future work on trust.


1 Peter Faulkner and Thomas Simpson: Introduction
2 Victoria McGeer and Philip Pettit: The Empowering Theory of Trust
3 Stephen Darwell: Trust as a Second-Personal Attitude (of the Heart)
4 Edwardas S. Hinchman: On the Risks of Resting Assured: An Assurance Theory of Trust
5 Colin O'Neil: Betraying Trust
6 Karen Jones: But I was counting on you!
7 Peter Faulkner: The Problem of Trust
8 Bernd Lahno: Trust and Collective Agency
9 Jacopo Domenicucci and Richard Holton: Trust as a Two-Place Relationship
10 Benjamin McMyler: Deciding on Trust
11 Thomas Simpson: Trust and Evidence
12 Philip J. Nickel: Being Pragmatic about Trust
13 David Owens: Trusting a Promise and Other Things
14 Katherine Hawley: Trustworthu Groups and Organisations
15 Guy Longworth: Faith in Kant
16 Robert Stern: 'Trust is Basic' : Logstrup on the Priority of Trust


Paul Faulkner is Reader in Philosophy at the University of Sheffield. The focus of his research is the epistemology of testimony and he is the author of Knowledge on Trust (Oxford University Press) ; Tom Simpson is Associate Professor of Philosophy and Public Policy at the Blavatnik School of Government, and Senior Research Fellow, Wadham College, University of Oxford.