EU Regulation and Competition Law in the Transport Sector (2nd Revised edition)

ISBN : 9780199671076

Luis Ortiz-Blanco; Ben van Houtte
608 ページ
171 x 246 mm

EU Competition Law and Regulation provides an in-depth analysis of the EU regulation of the various transport modes, and of the EU competition rules in the transport sectior. The text gives details of different substantive rules regarding, on the one hand, liberalization and regulation of transport markets and operations; and, on the other, restrictive agreements, dominant positions, and mergers, which apply to shipping, to aviation, and to inland transport. In addition to illustrating the procedures which govern enforcement of EU competition rules,and indicating how these differ from the usual procedures applied by the European Commission, this new edition addresses the recent emergence of a regulatory framework for different transport modes. The editors and authors have all been closely involved in the development of the Commission's practice in this area and have provided a detailed contemporary discussion of all relevant issues.


Prelims (Foreword)

Part I: Introduction
1 EU Transport and EU Transport Policy

Part II: Common Issues
2 Regulation and competition
3 EU Environmental Transport Policy and Legal Instruments
4 Passengers Rights in the EU
5 EU Competition Law Some Key Concepts

Part III: Inland Transport
6 Road Transport (I): Market Access
7 Road Transport (II): Harmonisation, External Relations and Services not Covered by Secondary Legislation
8 Road Transport: Competition
9 Railway Transport (I): Liberalization and Regulation
10 Railway Transport (II): Competition
11 Inland Waterways

Part IV: Maritime Transport
12 Liberalization and Regulation
13 Competition (I): Market Definition and Antitrust Rules
14 Competition (II) Merger Control and State Aid

Part V: Air Transport
15 Liberalisation and Regulation
16 Competition (I): Market Definition and Antitrust Rules
17 Competition (II): Mergers and State Aid

Part VI: Transport Infrastructures
18 Airports (I): Liberalization and Regulation
19 Airports (II): Competition
20 The Single European Sky: EU Reform of Air Traffic Management
21 Sea and Inland Ports
22 The Trans-European Transport Network (TEN- T)

Part VII: Conclusions
Endmatter (Afterthought)