An Intelligent Career: Taking Ownership of Your Work and Your Life

ISBN : 9780190494131

Michael B. Arthur; Svetlana N. Khapova; Julia Richardson
280 ページ
156 x 235 mm

Knowledge work is fundamental in today's economy. It is the basis for future learning and long-term success in the global economy and it drives the collective brainpower through which goods and services are delivered. Knowledge work requires much more than a college degree: it means understanding the changing nature of work and employment and the processes through which knowledge is generated, transferred, and applied. It means understanding new career possibilities, more dynamic work arrangements, and the growing demand for knowledge work around the globe. It means navigating work life with an authenticity that replaces any straightforward loyalty to a single employer, and instead calls for better understanding of the self, collaborators, and clients and customers. Written by three career experts, An Intelligent Career will help readers make sense of their own employment situations - including self-employment and unemployment - and to make positive changes and informed choices in today's changing world of work. It is a complete guide to examining a range of issues, both personal and environmental, allowing readers to take a composite, dynamic view of a life's work in the 21st century. Readers will be led to identify the most significant questions that they face. Along the way, the authors emphasize that the most effective brainworkers create their own paths to success. Ultimately, the goal of the book is to help readers learn to work on their own terms and to assume ownership of work and career. An Intelligent Career is a playbook for the modern knowledge worker, with clear guidance and support on taking charge of your own destiny, seeking continuous learning, collaborating with others, recognizing and acting on fresh opportunities, determining when it is time to move on, and much more.


Part I. Taking Stock
Chapter 1. What Does an Intelligent Career Involve?
Chapter 2. Where Do Intelligent Careers Happen?
Chapter 3. Why Do You Work?
Chapter 4. How Do You Work?
Chapter 5. With Whom Do You Work?
Chapter 6. When Will You Change?

Part II. Taking Action
Chapter 7. Making Sense
Chapter 8. Embracing Technology
Chapter 9. Investing in Communities
Chapter 10. Working with Employers
Chapter 11. Sharing Your Story
Chapter 12. Building Your World


Michael B. Arthur is Professor of Management in the Sawyer Business School at Suffolk University in Boston, Massachusetts.; Svetlana N. Khapova is Fenna Diemer-Lindeboom Chair in Careers and Organization Studies at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of the VU University Amsterdam and Scientific Director of the Amsterdam Business Research Institute.; Julia Richardson is Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior in the School of Human Resource Management at York University.