The Oxford Handbook of the Aztecs

ISBN : 9780199341962

Deborah L. Nichols; Enrique Rodriguez-Alegria
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171 x 248 mm
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The Oxford Handbook of the Aztecs, the first of its kind, provides a current overview of recent research on the Aztec empire, the best documented prehispanic society in the Americas. Chapters span from the establishment of Aztec city-states to the encounter with the Spanish empire and the Colonial period that shaped the modern world. Articles in the Handbook take up new research trends and methodologies and current debates. The Handbook articles are divided into seven parts. Part I, Archaeology of the Aztecs, introduces the Aztecs, as well as Aztec studies today, including the recent practice of archaeology, ethnohistory, museum studies, and conservation. The articles in Part II, Historical Change, provide a long-term view of the Aztecs starting with important predecessors, the development of Aztec city-states and imperialism, and ending with a discussion of the encounter of the Aztec and Spanish empires. Articles also discuss Aztec notions of history, writing, and time. Part III, Landscapes and Places, describes the Aztec world in terms of its geography, ecology, and demography at varying scales from households to cities. Part IV, Economic and Social Relations in the Aztec Empire, discusses the ethnic complexity of the Aztec world and social and economic relations that have been a major focus of archaeology. Articles in Part V, Aztec Provinces, Friends, and Foes, focuses on the Aztec's dynamic relations with distant provinces, and empires and groups that resisted conquest, and even allied with the Spanish to overthrow the Aztec king. This is followed by Part VI, Ritual, Belief, and Religion, which examines the different beliefs and rituals that formed Aztec religion and their worldview, as well as the material culture of religious practice. The final section of the volume, Aztecs after the Conquest, carries the Aztecs through the post-conquest period, an increasingly important area of archaeological work, and considers the place of the Aztecs in the modern world.


Part I. Archaeology of the Aztecs
Introduction Aztec Studies: Trends and Themes
Deborah L. Nichols and Enrique Rodriguez-Alegria
Chapter 1 Ancient Stone Sculptures: In Search of the Mexica Past
Eduardo Matos Moctezuma
Chapter 2 The Historical Sources: Codices and Chronicles
Juan Jose Batalla
Chapter 3 Museums and the Conservation of Mexica Cultural Heritage
Maria de Lourdes Gallardo Parrodi

Part II. Historical Change
Chapter 4 Comments on Cultural Continuities Between Tula and the Mexica.
Luis M Gamboa Cabezas and Robert H. Cobean
Chapter 5 Aztec Settlement History
Larry Gorenflo and Christopher P. Garraty
Chapter 6 The Creation, Rise, and Decline of Mexica Power
Enrique Florescano
Chapter 7 The Measure, Meaning and Transformation of Aztec Time and Calendars
Anthony F. Aveni
Chapter 8 Aztec Pictography and Painted Histories
Elizabeth Hill Boone
Chapter 9 The Languages of the Aztec Empire
Jane Hill
Chapter 10 Aztec State Making, Politics, and Empires: The Triple Alliance
Lane F. Fargher, Richard E. Blanton, and Verenice Heredia Espinoza
Chapter 11 Nahua Thought and the Conquest
Michel R. Oudijk and Maria Castaneda de la Paz

Part III. Landscapes and Places
Chapter 12 Aztec Agricultural Production in a Historical Ecological Perspective
Emily McClung de Tapia and Diana Martinez Yrizar
Chapter 13 Population History in Pre-Columbian and Colonial Times
Lourdes Marquez Morfin and Rebecca Storey
Chapter 14 Aztec Urbanism: Cities and Towns
Michael E. Smith
Chapter 15 Tenochtitlan
Jose Luis de Rojas
Chapter 16 Palaces and Gardens, Intertwined Evolution
Susan Toby Evans
Chapter 17 Households in the Aztec Empire
Kristin De Lucia

Part IV. Economic and Social Relations in the Aztec Empire
Chapter 18 Aztec Agricultural Strategies: Intensification, Landesque Capital, and the Socio-politics of Production
Christopher Morehart
Chapter 19 The Structure of Aztec Commerce: Markets and Merchants
Kenneth Hirth and Deborah L. Nichols
Aztec Manufacturing:
Chapter 20 Aztec Use of Lake Resources in the Basin of Mexico
John K. Milhauser
Chapter 21 Aztec Metallurgy
Dorothy Hosler
Chapter 22 Aztec Obsidian Industries
David M. Carballo and Alejandro Pastrana
Chapter 23 Aztec Lapidaries
Cynthia Otis Charlton and Alejandro Pastrana
Chapter 24 Pottery and the Potter's Craft in the Aztec Heartland
Leah D. Minc
Chapter 25 Pregnant in the Dancing Place: Myths and Methods of Textile Production and Use
Geoffrey McCafferty and Sharisse McCafferty
Social Relations
Chapter 26 Gender and Aztec Lifecycles
Caroline Dodds Pennock
Chapter 27 The Human Body in the Mexica Worldview
Alfredo Lopez Austin
Chapter 28 Nahua Ethnicity
James M. Taggert
Chapter 29 Inequality and Social Class in Aztec Society
Michael E. Smith and Frederic Hicks

Part V. Aztec Provinces, Friends, and Foes
Chapter 30 Structure of the Aztec Empire
Frances F. Berdan
Chapter 31 Mexica War: New Research Perspectives
Marco A. Cervera Obregon
Chapter 32 Aztec Provinces of the Central Highlands
Maelle Sergheraert
Chapter 33 Aztec Provinces of the Southern Highlands
Gerardo Gutierrez
Chapter 34 Aztec Provinces of the Gulf Lowlands
Marcie L. Venter
Chapter 35 Tututepec: A Mixtec Imperial Capital in Southern Oaxaca
Marc N. Levine
Chapter 36 Cholula in Aztec Times
Patricia Plunket and Gabriella Urunuela
Chapter 37 The Independent Republic of Tlaxcallan
Lane F. Fargher, Richard E. Blanton, and Verenice Y. Heredia Espinoza
Chapter 38 The Tarascan (Purepecha) Empire
Anna S. Cohen and Christopher Fisher
Chapter 39 Aztec Empire in Comparative Perspective
R. Alan Covey and Amanda Aland

Part VI. Ritual, Belief, and Religion
Chapter 40 Humans and Gods in the Mexica Universe
Guilhem Olivier
Chapter 41 Aztec Art, Time, and Cosmovision
William Barnes
Chapter 42 The Aztec Ritual Landscape
Leon Garcia Garagarza
Chapter 43 State Ritual and Religion in the Sacred Precinct of Tenochtitlan
Alfredo Lopez Austin and Leonardo Lopez Lujan
Chapter 44 Aztec Domestic Ritual
Lisa Overholtzer

Part VII. Aztecs After the Conquest
Chapter 45 Postconquest Rural Aztec Archaeology
Patricia Fournier G. and Cynthia L. Otis Charlton
Chapter 46 Postconquest Urban Aztec Archaeology
Enrique Rodriguez-Alegria
Chapter 47 The Aztecs and the Catholic Church
Louise M. Burkhart
Chapter 48 Aztec Art After the Conquest in Mexico and in Museums Abroad
Ray Hernandez Duran
Chapter 49 The Aztecs and Their Descendants in the Contemporary World
Alan R. Sandstrom


Deborah L. Nichols is the William J. Bryant 1925 Professor of Anthropology at Dartmouth College and Chair of the Latin American, Latino, and Caribbean Studies Programs. She has written nearly 100 articles and co-edited five books and directed numerous archaeological projects in Mexico. She is currently co-director with Wesley Stoner of the Altica research project, sponsored by the National Science Foundation, and National Geographic Society.; Enrique Rodriguez-Alegria is Associate Professor in Anthropology at the University of Texas at Austin. He is the author of The Archaeology and History of Colonial Mexico (Cambridge, 2016), and co-editor of The Menial Art of Cooking (with Sarah Graff, Colorado, 2012). He is currently co-director with Kristin De Lucia of a research project on communal ritual space in Xaltocan, Mexico, sponsored by the National Science Foundation.