The Oxford Handbook of the History of Psychology: Global Perspectives

ISBN : 9780195366556

David B. Baker
672 ページ
188 x 262 mm
Oxford Library of Psychology

The science and practice of psychology has evolved around the world on different trajectories and timelines, yet with a convergence on the recognition of the need for a human science that can confront the challenges facing the world today. Few would argue that the standard narrative of the history of psychology has emphasized European and American traditions over others, but in today's global culture, there is a greater need in psychology for international understanding. This volume describes the historical development of psychology in countries throughout the world. Contributors provide narratives that examine the political and socioeconomic forces that have shaped their nations' psychologies. Each unique story adds another element to our understanding of the history of psychology. The chapters in this volume remind us that there are unique contexts and circumstances that influence the ways in which the science and practice of psychology are assimilated into our daily lives. Making these contexts and circumstances explicit through historical research and writing provides some promise of greater international insight, as well as a better understanding of the human condition.


1. The Internationalization of Psychology: A History
Ludy T. Benjamin, Jr., and David B. Baker
2. Australia
Roderick D. Buchanan
3. Brazil
Claudio Simon Hutz, Gustavo Gauer, and William Barbosa Gomes
4. Brunei Darussalam
Narasappa Kumaraswamy and Chandraseagran Suppiah
5. The Caribbean
Rosemary Frey
6. China
Yeh Hsueh and Benyu Guo
7. Colombia
Ruben Ardila
8. Czech Republic
Ji?i Hoskovec
9. Egypt
Ramadan A. Ahmed
10. England
Alan Collins
11. Finland
Petteri Pietikainen
12. France
Francoise Parot
13. Germany
Horst U. K. Gundlach
14. Ireland
Adrian C. Brock
15. Italy
Guido Cimino and Renato Foschi
16. Japan
Miki Takasuna
17. Lebanon
Brigitte Khoury and Sarah Tabbara
18. New Zealand
Brian D. Haig and Dannette Marie
19. Philippines
Rogelia Pe-Pua and Pia-Anna Perfecto-Ramos
20. Russian Federation
Irina Sirotkina and Roger Smith
21. Saudi Arabia
Abdel-Sattar Ibrahim
22. Scotland
Nicholas J. Wade
23. South Africa
Johann Louw
24. Spain
Helio Carpintero
25. Thailand
Sombat Tapanya
26. Turkey
Aydan Gulerce
27. United States
C. James Goodwin
28. Venezuela
Ligia M. Sanchez and Miriam Dembo
29. Concluding Thoughts on Internationalizing the History of Psychology
David B. Baker and Ludy T. Benjamin, Jr.


David B. Baker, Ph.D., is the Margaret Clark Morgan Executive Director of the Center for the History of Psychology and professor of psychology at The University of Akron.