Clinician's Guide to Psychiatric Care

ISBN : 9780195365955

Ranga Krishnan; Jane Gagliardi; Wei Jiang
192 ページ
121 x 195 mm

Psychiatric illnesses are common co-morbidities among patients who are medically ill. Approximately 50% of patients who visit primary care physicians regularly are primarily affected by psychiatric problems. Many primary care physicians (including family physicians and general internists) and other non-psychiatric specialist physicians encounter patients with psychiatric symptoms on a daily basis during their routine practice. Few non-psychiatric physicians, however, feel comfortable managing psychiatric conditions. This pocket-sized guide is designed to provide a concise, practical overview of the management and treatment of common psychiatric disorders, including such conditions as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorders and schizophrenia. The book will feature an overview of the general practice of Psychiatry, including guidance on mental status examination and diagnosis, neuropsychological assessment, and psychotherapy, as well as a detailed section on psychiatric pharmacotherapies. The remaining chapters of the book are organized by symptom-based presentations of patients to physicians, rather than by diseases or diagnosis, such as 'The Depressed Patient' or 'The Insomniac Patient.' This unique approach is highly practical and reflects real-world physician experience in clinical settings in assessing and managing psychiatric disorders. Each symptom-based chapter will present a typical patient case followed by an outline of commonly seen symptoms, bedside assessments, diagnosis and differential diagnosis, and treatment options, as well as guidance on when to call for psychiatric consultation. This book will focus on differentials that will help non-psychiatric physicians gain a greater understanding of psychiatric conditions and will provide directions for triage. The uniqueness of psychiatric problems in co-morbid medical conditions will be described, as well as interventional considerations. This book should serve as a very user-friendly and reliable tool for non-psychiatric physicians, especially for primary care physicians and internists for their daily clinical practice.


1. Introduction/Overview Jane P. Gagliardi and Wei Jiang
2. When to Call for Psychiatric Help Wei Jiang and Jane P. Gagliardi
3. Mental Status Examination and Diagnosis Eric J. Cristopher
4. Overview of Psychopharmacologic Therapies Jane P. Gagliardi
5. Psychiatric Emergency Y. Pritham Raj
6. Suicide Risk Assessment Eric J. Cristopher
7. The Patient with Depressive Symptons Y. Pritham Raj
8. The Patient with Manic Symptons Yeshesvini Raman
9. The Patient with Symptons of Anxiety Eric J. Cristopher
10. The Patient with Disordered Use of Substances or Alcohol Glen L. Xiong
11. The Patient with Agitated Symptons Wei Jiang and Jane P. Gagliardi
12. The Patient with Psychotic Symptons Glen L. Xiong
13. The Patient with Confusion or Memory Problems Sarah K. Rivelli
14. The Patient with Multiple Physical Complaints Gregory Lunceford
15. The Patient with Disoredered Sleep Xavier Preud'homme
16. The Patient with Low Weight or Abnormal Eating Behaviors Wei Jiang
17. The Geriatric Patient Sarah K. Rivelli and Jane P. Gagliardi
18. The "Difficult" Patient Yeshesvini Raman
19. The Patient with Unusual Presentations Jane P. Gagliardi and Wei Jiang
20. The Patient Who Refuses Care Sarah K. Rivelli
21. Overview of the Practice of Psychotherapy Moria J. Smoski and Thomas R. Lynch
22. Principles of Stress Management Jon Seskevich
23. Neurocognitive and Psychological Assessment Guy G. Potter


Sid Gilman, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan.