Lived Theology: New Perspectives on Method, Style, and Pedagogy

ISBN : 9780190630720

Charles Marsh; Peter Slade; Sarah Azaransky
288 ページ
156 x 235 mm

The lived theology movement is built on the work of an emerging generation of theologians and scholars who pursue research, teaching, and writing as a form of public discipleship, motivated by the conviction that theology can enhance lived experience. This volume-based on a two-year collaboration with the Project on Lived Theology at the University of Virginia-offers a series of illustrations and styles of lived theology, in conversation with other major approaches to the religious interpretation of embodied life. Lived theology begins with a modest proposal: How might theological writing, research, and teaching be re-imagined to engage with lived experience, while still contributing to academic scholarship? The contributors consider this question in a variety of contexts, including towns in Mississippi struggling with histories of racist violence; a homeless shelter in Atlanta; students volunteering with faith based organizations in Columbus, Ohio; churches in the Democratic Republic of Congo; and a college classroom in the MidWest. Answers to, and explorations of this question form the narrative framework of this book. Behind this question is the theological conviction that within the lived experience of faith communities lies a wealth of insight on themes that have long occupied the attention of scholars-morality, justice, grace, reconciliation, and redemption.


Notes on Contributors
Lived Theology: Method, Style and Pedagogy - Charles Marsh

Part One: Lived Theology as Method
Chapter 1: Eschatological Memories of Everyday Life - Ted A. Smith
Chapter 2: The Risks and Responsibilities of Lived Theology - Peter Slade
Chapter 3: Doing Theological Ethics with Incompetent Christians: Social Problems and Religious Creativity - Willis Jenkins
Chapter 4: Theological Disfigurations of Christian Identity - Willie James Jennings

Part Two: Lived Theology as Style
Chapter 5: Daring to Write Theology without Footnotes - Susan R. Holman
Chapter 6: Crossing and Experimentation: Pauli Murray's Activism as Christian Practice and Lived Theology - Sarah Azaransky
Chapter 7: Exploring the Role of Ethnography in Theology: A Work in Progress - Mary McClintock Fulkerson
Chapter 8: Descent into the Ordinary: Lived Theology, War, and the Moral Agency of Civilians - John Kiess
Chapter 9: Insert Soul Here: Lived Theology as Witness - David Dark

Part Three: Lived Theology as Pedagogy
Chapter 10: Lived Theology 101: Lessons from an Undergraduate Classroom - Lori Brandt Hale
Chapter 11: Teaching to Transform: Reflections on the Gifts and Challenges of Service-Learning as the Practice of Lived Theology - Jacqueline A. Bussie
Chapter 12: Public Discipleship, Constructive Theology and Grassroots Activism - Jennifer M. McBride
Chapter 13: Organizing for Justice as a Theological Practice - Susan M. Glisson

Chapter 14: Lived Theology is Being Led into Mystery - John W. de Gruchy
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Charles Marsh is Commonwealth Professor of Religious Studies at the University of Virginia.; Peter Slade is Professor of the History of Christianity and Christian thought at Ashland University.; Sarah Azaransky is Assistant Professor of Social Ethics at Union Theological Seminary.