All from One: A Guide to Proclus

ISBN : 9780199640331

Pieter d'Hoine; Marije Martijn
448 ページ
156 x 234 mm

Proclus (412-485 A.D.) was one of the last official 'successors' of Plato at the head of the Academy in Athens at the end of Antiquity, before the school was finally closed down in 529. As a prolific author of systematic works on a wide range of topics and one of the most influential commentators on Plato of all times, the legacy of Proclus in the cultural history of the west can hardly be overestimated. This book introduces the reader to Proclus' life and works, his place in the Platonic tradition of Antiquity and the influence his work exerted in later ages. Various chapters are devoted to Proclus' metaphysical system, including his doctrines about the first principle of all reality, the One, and about the Forms and the soul. The broad range of Proclus' thought is further illustrated by highlighting his contribution to philosophy of nature, scientific theory, theory of knowledge and philosophy of language. Finally, also his most original doctrines on evil and providence, his Neoplatonic virtue ethics, his complex views on theology and religious practice, and his metaphysical aesthetics receive separate treatments. This book is the first to bring together the leading scholars in the field and to present a state of the art of Proclean studies today. In doing so, it provides the most comprehensive introduction to Proclus' thought currently available.


1 Christian Wildberg: Proclus of Athens: A Life
2 Harold Tarrant: Proclus' Place in the Platonic Tradition
3 Marije Martjin & Lloyd P. Gerson: Proclus' System
4 Gerd Van Riel: The One, the Henads, and the Principles
5 Pieter d'Hoine: Platonic Forms and the Triad of Being, Life, and Intellect
6 John Finamore & Emilie Kutash: Proclus on the psyche: World Soul and Individual Soul
7 Jan Opsomer: The Natural World
8 Dominic O'Meara: Mathematics and the Sciences
9 Christoph Helmig: Proclus on Epistemology, Language, and Logic
10 Luc Brisson: Proclus on Gods and Demons
11 Robbert M. van den Berg: Theurgy in the Context of Proclus' Philosophy
12 Carlos Steel: Providence and Evil
13 Dirk Baltzly: The Human Life
14 Anne Sheppard: Literary Theory and Aesthetics
15 Peter Adamson & Filip Karfik: Proclus' Legacy
Appendix I: Proclus' Metaphysical and Theological System
Appendix II: Proclus' Works


Pieter d'Hoine is Assistant Professor of Ancient Philosophy and Intellectual History at the De Wulf-Mansion Centre for Ancient, Medieval and Renaissance Philosophy (Institute of Philosophy, KU Leuven). He has co-edited, under the direction of Carlos Steel, Proclus' Commentary on the Parmenides for the Oxford Classical Texts and published on various aspects of later ancient metaphysics and epistemology. He is currently writing a monograph on the reception of Plato's theory of Forms in later Platonism.; Marije Martjin is Cornelia de Vogel Professor of Ancient and Patristic Philosophy at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. She is the author of Proclus on Nature: Philosophy of Nature and its Methods in Proclus' Commentary on Plato's Timaeus (Brill, 2010) and of various articles on Proclus' natural philosophy and methodology. She is currently working on a monograph concerning the role of aesthetic and semiotic principles in Neoplatonic metaphysics and epistemology.